Meet Takata.

So as you now know, I’ve been living here in Baltimore, MD next to the inner harbor. It gets lonely at times, so it’s good to meet new friends out here. On my days off when I’m not in the hospital, I sometimes take Joy’s dog, Turbo, a very large pitbull, out for walks and for car rides as we explore Maryland’s backroads in the country.

I <3 this puppy.

This is Turbo, Joy's pup.

Recently, she tried to adopt another pitbull puppy she named Takata (yes, as in the same Japanese company that makes racing harnesses) from Brendon Ford who found Takata on the streets in Baltimore hungry, and without an owner. He took her in and nursed her back to health. Unfortunately, where Joy moved to, they wouldn’t allow her to have more than one dog, and Brendon couldn’t take her either as he has his own dogs he must take care of. So I stepped in and decided to adopt her.

BFF's forever!

Turbo gets a smooch from Takata

Turbo protects Takata all the time, it's cute.

I figured I could do the same for Takata. She’s already gotten used to the stiff suspension in my car, and now she’s been in the car so much, bumps don’t even phase her. She’s my kind of dog. You’ll be seeing more of her in random posts. What does it have to do with cars? Her name is Takata.

These guys are impossible to separate, impossible to live with.

Best co pilot ever


If Batman Liked VTEC: Nick Udstad’s Black and Beautiful Turbo S2000.

You know what really grinds my gears? When people assume things. It’s the most annoying thing in the world. Like when people assume I don’t want ice cream because I’m asian and all asians supposedly are lactose intolerant. Or when people categorize any type of electronic music as “techno”. Or even when a stranger comes up to you and asks you where to score weed because you are at a liquor store. It’s pretty stupid, I’d say.

I'm not a morning person, but damn, this morning was good.

That fool is runnin a Honda two thousand

Normally I'd insert a racially inappropriate comment about this booty shot, but it's too easy.

Danh doing work with his squinty eyes.

This goes also into the realm of the import world, where people like to characterize certain cars and styles based on what they hear. For example, when I asked some people at a restaurant and bar where I could find the owner of this black and flush Honda, they looked at me as if I didn’t know what I was looking at. “Oh, you mean that black S2000? Yeah, it’s not flush, I thought you were talking about another car,” said one onlooker. Sigh. Guess I should of just said “that black and super badass Honda”, that would of probably eliminated some confusion. Good thing me and Mikey found Nick, the owner of this pristine AP2 S2K, later that evening, or heads would have rolled (I kid).

Mind. Blown. Jorge’s Crazy Sick and Lightning Quick TechArt GT Street RS 911 GT2RS

Yeah, that’s a lot of adjectives and one super lengthy name for a car. If it were entirely up to me (which, let’s not kid ourselves, it is, but we have a lot of readers with short attention spans), I would have described it with no less than 15 different adjectives, because even then, it wouldn’t be enough to properly describe Jorge M’s fantastic TechArt GT Street RS 911 GT2RS.

Two words come to mind. What was it again? Oh yeah, "Holy Shit."

Jorge didn't really feel comfortable trusting a valet with his car, so he parked it the best way he knew how. Like a BOSS.

Admit it. You want it.

Max Res Mondays: Steve Nuss’ Toyota Supra.

If you’re one of the 5,400 fans on our Facebook Page, then you know we have inadvertently become known for the crazy pictures we post on there that we find by scouring the internet to bring you interesting automotive pictures you don’t see everyday. Of course, we actually do read every comment on everything we post, and we also listen to any suggestions that you guys may have for us.

That said, one of our fans, Adam Crellin, suggested we should post up some wallpapers on the site. Done! When we can, we will post up a MAX RES wallpaper of a photo that the MaydayGarage guys have taken. First up, Steve Nuss’ Toyota Supra Turbo. If you’d like to know more about this super nice Supra, make sure to check out his feature!!

Be sure to click on this picture to get the 5616 x 3744 resolution! Holy crap!

Any other suggestions? Drop us a line on our Facebook Page!


Chaos has a name: Import Reactor Drift 2010 coverage

Wow. What. A. Weekend.

The week started with Smoky Nagata from Top Secret Japan tuning Nissans from Monday all the way through wednesday late night, and it closed with Import Reactor Unlimited and Anime Matsuri. But before the official and epic weekend got started, Import Reactor Drift was to be the opening ceremonies to Import Reactor Unlimited.

Russell Walkers purple stuff S13 ripping up the track. KP.

Russell Walker's purple stuff S13 ripping up the track. KP.

Balance of Power: Tim Zak’s Turbocharged Mugen RSX

I go to a lot of car meets around Houston. It’s fun to meet up with old friends and shoot the shit, but more often than not, people ask, “why don’t you ever feature Hondas?” My answer is usually the same. You see, I grew up in the 90’s where import “tuning” was all about big rims, gaudy body kits, RS Akimoto intakes and custom conversions. Hondas were THE cars to modify. Nowadays, my tastes haven’t strayed too far from my VeilSide combat roots, albeit, a bit more mature and modifying Hondas have gone through a series of changes as well. For the last few years, it’s been tough for a Honda to make me say wow. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a shaved and tucked engine bay as much as the next kid, but most of the Hondas I see around town are lacking in some way.

No, Tim is not a cop.

No, Tim is not a cop.