You know what really grinds my gears? When people assume things. It’s the most annoying thing in the world. Like when people assume I don’t want ice cream because I’m asian and all asians supposedly are lactose intolerant. Or when people categorize any type of electronic music as “techno”. Or even when a stranger comes up to you and asks you where to score weed because you are at a liquor store. It’s pretty stupid, I’d say.

I'm not a morning person, but damn, this morning was good.

That fool is runnin a Honda two thousand

Normally I'd insert a racially inappropriate comment about this booty shot, but it's too easy.

Danh doing work with his squinty eyes.

This goes also into the realm of the import world, where people like to characterize certain cars and styles based on what they hear. For example, when I asked some people at a restaurant and bar where I could find the owner of this black and flush Honda, they looked at me as if I didn’t know what I was looking at. “Oh, you mean that black S2000? Yeah, it’s not flush, I thought you were talking about another car,” said one onlooker. Sigh. Guess I should of just said “that black and super badass Honda”, that would of probably eliminated some confusion. Good thing me and Mikey found Nick, the owner of this pristine AP2 S2K, later that evening, or heads would have rolled (I kid).

Real flushness begins with sexy wheels AND tires.

Boats and Hoes!

Now it’s completely understandable that there were TWO black and flush Hondas there at Live Bait, a local bar in New Orleans, and that there would be a bit of confusion, but I even pointed at the damn car, so I understood what had happened. When people think “flush” or proper fitting cars, they automatically think, hellaflush, or even dumped/slammed/hammered, but what flush means to me (and hopefully to many others) is that the wheels and tires align with the sides of the body. The other black and flush S2000 was our first NOLA feature car, Kaho Ng’s AP1.

We liked what he did with our stickers


While me and Mikey were scouring the makeshift car meet for a few possible features, there was one car that was sitting by itself under a dim light off to the side of the bar. It was filthy dirty (in the literal sense), and under the night’s blanket of darkness, it was really hard to make out what exactly was going on with it. But something caught my eye, and it wasn’t just the intercooler tucked behind the Amuse R1 bumper either. The low slung, batmobile-like AP2 sat on some pretty meaty but low profile Direzza Z1 Star Specs mounted on some diamond black Volk Racing CE28N’s. Seeing this and the very subtle ASM front fenders and 3 inch single exit exhaust, I knew the owner of this droptop knew what he was doing and also had great tastes. Show and Go is always a motto of mine, and Nick’s car looked the part.

Here you can see the wider ASM fenders

Admit it, at first glance you thought Christian Bale was gonna hop out

When we finally found out who the owner of this gem was, we were introduced to Nick by none other than Jonathan Bruce, owner of Gorilla RE. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because our last feature car from our New Orleans trip was Jack Coxe’s immaculately clean FD RX-7, another customer of Gorilla RE’s. After checking out Nick’s car and locking down his contact info, he had told me that he had JUST came back into town, and he knew of our little meet we held at Live Bait and hauled balls to get there, hence the filthy dirty car. I told him we’d shoot the car in a month or so, but for this time, to wash it because our photoshop skills aren’t THAT good.

Are those boobs?

Danh LOVES shooting black cars! Ask him.

During our 48 hour excursion to NOLA, we had scheduled five cars to shoot in two days. That meant we had to work and work we did. After shooting a few cars on Saturday morning and evening, we woke before the buttcrack of dawn at around 4:30am after taking a short two hour nap that next Sunday to meet up Nick and Jonathan at the Port of New Orleans. Kim Tran of NODrift showed me and Mikey of this spot, so the credit goes to that Cajun Asian for sure.

Black and Purple sounds like a pimp's outfit

They should just rename this to "Crack"

John, Danny, Newton, Danh and myself looked like complete ass. We hadn’t slept much, didn’t eat breakfast and didn’t have any coffee so our mood while driving to the port was less than stellar, but as soon as Nick showed up in the S2K, our spirits perked up significantly and we did our name exchanges and got down to business. The S2000 looked like it just came off the showroom floor in Japan, the paint looked wet like someone had poured KY jelly all over it before making love. Nick and Jonathan had explained to me that they too just literally got done with some wetsanding and buffing the car to make the shoot, so they shared our pain as well.

Gorilla RE knows a thing or two about turbos.

Danh had to wear his sunglasses for this shot.

Now that I could see this beauty in the daylight (and clean too), I liked it five times more than when I had first laid eyes on it under that dim street light a few weeks prior. It’s presence was dark and sinful, the black on black on black on black really worked well with it’s ominous look. In stark contrast, under the hood was where the real money was. Performance was definitely priority number one at Gorilla RE, it’s GT30R looked like it belonged in Marsellus’ briefcase from Pulp Fiction with the sunlight’s rays bouncing off of the gold heatshields surrounding it. The car was built for function with a splash of uniqueness, and we’re all for it.

This is the kind of flushness I can get down on.

John pretending to work

As we parted ways at the Port, the guys were starving so we hit up a small diner in the French Quarter. Everyone but me ordered some crazy chili cheese omelet which they later paid for, but for me, I had my bacon and eggs with a large glass of chilled milk. Funny, I was the only one that didn’t have the runs.

Nick Udstad’s Official Mod List:

-PFab ELTM vband Manifold
-Gorilla RE custom 3″ exhaust
-Gorilla RE custom intake box
-SOS bored throttle body
-Custom return style fuel system
-ID1000 injectors
-Aeromotive 340 fuel pump
-Tial BOV and Wastegate
-Aquamist HFS-6
-Hondata Flash Pro
-HKS Hipermax III coilovers
-Volk CE28 18×9.5+40 (x4), Diamond Black
-255/35r18 Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Specs, all around
-Titanium lugs
-ASM front fenders
-Amuse R1 front bumper
-Carbon fiber center console
-More to come!

Gorilla RE’s Website
Gorilla RE’s FB page

Yeah, I still hate mornings.

So ends our five cars that we scheduled to shoot in NOLA… but wait! There’s actually ONE more! Tune in next week as we show you not only our last feature car, but also our video of the trip!


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