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About Mayday Garage


Welcome to Mayday Garage!
People ALWAYS ask us, “What exactly is Mayday Garage?”
We wish it were a simple answer, but if we had to summarize, Mayday Garage is a close tight knit group of Ricers based out of Houston, TX who enjoy wrenching, driving, photographing and shooting the shit with cars. More specifically, we exist to preserve the golden age of Japanese tuning, which in our opinion, is the mid to late 90’s, but with a slight modern twist. We are not limited to just Texas however, we have a particular reach through our close friends in Northern Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Northern and Southern California, and as well as across the Pacific in Japan.

We believe our car builds and photography reflect our personal styles and tastes, and while many will not exactly agree with our Ricer tendencies, we feel it is an integral part of our own subconsciousness in our cars.

Rice on,
Team MaydayGarage
For general inquiries including sales, please email us at

The Crew:

John Peterson
Fabio Pontes
Mikey Nguyen
Andrew Machac
Danh Phan
Khiem Pham
Mark Manalo
Danny Barber
John Markadakis
Newton Liu