Random Snap: Cherry Blossoms in Maryland.

I was driving home one late afternoon, and as I was pulling up to my house, I noticed the trees looked much different. I parked. I got out, and stared at these fluffy white, pink and yellow trees. What were once just a bunch of sad looking twigs that were lined up along the Inner Harbor in Baltimore were now fully bloomed Cherry Blossoms that adorned the streets and brought so much more color.

I decided to run inside my place, grab my camera and take a few photos of these trees. I parked the daily along the street where I take Takata for walks along the Harbor.

Baltimore, MD

I think this week or next I’m taking Takata and maybe Turbo to the centennial Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. If you’re in the DC/MD/VA area, you should definitely check it out!


I’m starting to really like Maryland.

Meet Takata.

So as you now know, I’ve been living here in Baltimore, MD next to the inner harbor. It gets lonely at times, so it’s good to meet new friends out here. On my days off when I’m not in the hospital, I sometimes take Joy’s dog, Turbo, a very large pitbull, out for walks and for car rides as we explore Maryland’s backroads in the country.

I <3 this puppy.

This is Turbo, Joy's pup.

Recently, she tried to adopt another pitbull puppy she named Takata (yes, as in the same Japanese company that makes racing harnesses) from Brendon Ford who found Takata on the streets in Baltimore hungry, and without an owner. He took her in and nursed her back to health. Unfortunately, where Joy moved to, they wouldn’t allow her to have more than one dog, and Brendon couldn’t take her either as he has his own dogs he must take care of. So I stepped in and decided to adopt her.

BFF's forever!

Turbo gets a smooch from Takata

Turbo protects Takata all the time, it's cute.

I figured I could do the same for Takata. She’s already gotten used to the stiff suspension in my car, and now she’s been in the car so much, bumps don’t even phase her. She’s my kind of dog. You’ll be seeing more of her in random posts. What does it have to do with cars? Her name is Takata.

These guys are impossible to separate, impossible to live with.

Best co pilot ever