Yeah, that’s a lot of adjectives and one super lengthy name for a car. If it were entirely up to me (which, let’s not kid ourselves, it is, but we have a lot of readers with short attention spans), I would have described it with no less than 15 different adjectives, because even then, it wouldn’t be enough to properly describe Jorge M’s fantastic TechArt GT Street RS 911 GT2RS.

Two words come to mind. What was it again? Oh yeah, "Holy Shit."

Jorge didn't really feel comfortable trusting a valet with his car, so he parked it the best way he knew how. Like a BOSS.

Admit it. You want it.

Every first Saturday of the month, one or two of us go to the Houston Coffee & Cars event held at Vintage Park on the north side of Houston, and every month, there’s plenty of cool cars to see. For me, I’m always checking out the usual Ferrari’s, DeLorean’s, Customs, and domestic cars that show up, but i’m ALWAYS looking for one car that makes our jaws drop at the mere sight of it. Sometimes it’s hit or miss, but for the August Coffee & Cars, there was one car that made me cover my front bulge with my Nikon, and no doubt this super wide, super low, super cool Porsche.


It's all in the details.

Carbon crazy!

I saw DPhan in the corner of my eye, and I waved him over. “You like?”, DPhan asks, “It’s pretty badass”.
Yeah. No shit.
Of course, Jorge Verdejo, the man who drove the car to C&C and who also works at AutoDynamica, a high end performance shop located The Woodlands, TX just north of Houston, got the okay from it’s owner, a man who we will call “Jorge M”. Don’t get it confused. Of course, without even flinching, I begged Danh to ask Jorge V to ask Jorge M (confused yet?) if we could shoot this $550,000 Porsche. These cars are super rare here in North America, and I was dying to get it captured by one of our photogs. We soon got the thumbs up, and scheduled a time where we could shoot this beauty. Unfortunately, on it’s way to meet us, the car hit something on the street and obliterated the super expensive dry carbon front lip that adorns the aerodynamic front bumper. A costly accident that would set us back. Luckily, they had the part shipped ASAP and we tried again, this time sticking close to the Woodlands so he wouldn’t have to venture far.

JohnP lining up both Porsches. Wait a sec..

TWO Porsches??

Yup. Luis from AutoDynamica owns this white 911 GT3. And decided to make a cameo. DAMN

The following words by Jorge Verdejo of AutoDynamica:
“This story begins with Jorge M., an automotive enthusiast and speed junkie, whom at a very young age could only dream of driving high-end cars around a track, began to tinker with cars when he was old enough to own them. He started wrenching on common domestic cars starting with it’s aerodynamics and improving their performance to the best that he could.

Spy vs. Spy

Brotha from a different Motha.

One is a Turbo BEAST, the other, a nimble and responsive N/A track monster.

Even Batman himself couldn't build one better.

Time passed by and his passion for the automotive sport only grew stronger. Thanks to his professional success he began to acquire the high-end cars that he once dreamed of, some of the most notable ones including a Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari F430 Novitec, Porsche 997 Turbo Autodynamica, Rolls Royce Drop Head, Bentley Arnage, GT3 RS and of course, the car you see here, the Techart GT Street RS based on the Porsche 911 GT2.

As much as I wanted to, I refrained from bouncing a quarter off of it.

Of course, it didn't stop JohnP from doing it anyways. FAIL

This GT3 was not joke either.

Trust us, it's not a sticker you get from AutoZone like the one on JohnP's car.

3.8 liters of bliss.

Thanks to a strong relationship with Autodynamica Mexico who aside from working on and providing the performance upgrades as well as services for his other cars, they decided to work together on an exclusive project, a project that would allow him to be more involved in the upgrades and performance aspect of this car. This is how the Techart GT Street RS program was chosen from the famous German Porsche tuner, the process of such a project required countless hours of work to install and adjust details to perfection with each one of the parts. The focus was to improve the performance, acceleration and stability to a limit that very few cars have access to, always with the goal in mind to achieve the perfect balance of these components, the following were chosen:

Evoms IT software (ECU reprogramming)
AWE Tuning exhaust headers
AWE Tuning large intercoolers
Techart exhaust system
Stage ll clutch & aluminum flywheel
Bilstein PSS10 coilover suspension
GMG sway bars
Porsche cup lower control arms, aluminum bushings, upper control arms, toe steering kit
Techart GT Street RS aerodynamics (full program)
Center console, steering wheel and door handles in carbon fiber by MA Carbon
20″ Techart wheels with Cup racing tires (Michelin Pilot Sport Cup)

Sitting shotgun in a 700hp super badass Porsche? Check. Life is complete.

The deep vents are to shred innocent bystanders and nearby raccoons.

It is worth mentioning that the project was conceived and all the work performed at Autodynamica Mexico. Due to its success and demand, Luis Galan, owner of Autodynamica decided to open Autodynamica USA in 2006. Since then, Jorge M. decided to bring his cars to his summer house located in Texas which is why we are sure that we will be seeing further upgrades to this car and something tells us it will receive an upgrade aimed at 800hp and up very soon which will allow this project to keep competing even with the latest and the greatest on and off the track. We also know that there are more special projects being developed by Jorge M. “

Too much sexy for even the biggest roads.

Khiem stopping traffic for the shot.

It also doesn’t hurt that the exterior of the car matched the 700hp engine with the latest in dry carbon technology. That huge wing on dry carbon stems isn’t just for looks, as I found out when Jorge M gave me a few short spurts of power while driving around The Woodlands. I need one of these in my life, I swear.

Know what how it feels to get into one of these as you drive off? GOOD.

Sigh. I now know what it means when Johnny Tran exclaimed "Too Soon, Junior". He was referring to saying goodbye to the TechArt.

As Jorge M took off one last time, Andrew, Khiem, John, Danny and I all looked at each other with stupid grins. And that was just us watching. I need to win the lottery soon so I can afford this sexy, gorgeous, sick, crazy, svelte, blistering, swift, slutty, tantalizing, naughty, hot, graceful, stunning, ungodly and alluring Turbo’d nut buster. Told you I had control.

He kept honking at me, and I just pretended I was deaf. Sorry.

The man of the hour, Jorge M introducing himself to me. I swear I have an ass, just not when my pants are sagging.



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