Chaos has a name: Import Reactor Drift 2010 coverage

Wow. What. A. Weekend.

The week started with Smoky Nagata from Top Secret Japan tuning Nissans from Monday all the way through wednesday late night, and it closed with Import Reactor Unlimited and Anime Matsuri. But before the official and epic weekend got started, Import Reactor Drift was to be the opening ceremonies to Import Reactor Unlimited.

Russell Walkers purple stuff S13 ripping up the track. KP.

Russell Walker's purple stuff S13 ripping up the track. KP.

I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Cody Surman, Manifold Danger

Bringing some JDM goodness to the table for I.R. Drift this year is Cody Surman. Cody, the senior of the local drifters competing in Import Reactor Drift will be running and gunning in his JZX100 Chaser. Drifting pretty is about the most “on point” phrase that describes Cody and his uber clean Chaser when it slides around the track. But don’t be confused by the cars devilishly good looks, because Cody is bringing the heat.

Name: Cody Surman
Height: 5ft 10 in
Weight: 190 lbs
Bloodtype: S for Smooth
Preference in Women: The crazier the better.

Rock On

Rock On