Event Coverage: Fabricated Motorsports’ The Mexican Standoff.

A Mexican standoff is a slang term defined as a stalemate or impasse, a confrontation that neither side can forseeably win. In popular culture, the Mexican standoff is usually portrayed as three or more opponents with guns drawn and ready, creating a tense situation. Neither side is willing to shoot for fear of being shot in return, yet neither side wants to relinquish its weapons for fear that its opponents will shoot them. This situation forces the participants to resolve the situation either by diplomacy, surrender, or a pre-emptive strike.

Everything IS bigger in Texas. That includes Carbon wings.

Fielding Shredder's Cheddar colored S14 sliding across the hot pavement

Chaos has a name: Import Reactor Drift 2010 coverage

Wow. What. A. Weekend.

The week started with Smoky Nagata from Top Secret Japan tuning Nissans from Monday all the way through wednesday late night, and it closed with Import Reactor Unlimited and Anime Matsuri. But before the official and epic weekend got started, Import Reactor Drift was to be the opening ceremonies to Import Reactor Unlimited.

Russell Walkers purple stuff S13 ripping up the track. KP.

Russell Walker's purple stuff S13 ripping up the track. KP.

I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Joshua Steele, Hooters Drift

Yet another drifter hailing from Houston, Texas is Joshua Steele. Josh, who does not suffer from any type of mental disorders plans to bring his madness to the table for Import Reactor Drift. You always know when Mr. Steele is on the way to a drift event because he hauls about town in a monster Excursion pulling his drift car in style. Josh too has the drive to podium at I.R. Drift 2010, and he says he is bringing the big guns!

Name: Joshua Steele AKA “Mr. Nevrslo”
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 170
Blood Type: Medium Spicy
Preference in Women: Everything about Jenna!!! (His girlfriend not the porn star!)

Used to work at Hooters.

Used to work at Hooters.