Mind. Blown. Jorge’s Crazy Sick and Lightning Quick TechArt GT Street RS 911 GT2RS

Yeah, that’s a lot of adjectives and one super lengthy name for a car. If it were entirely up to me (which, let’s not kid ourselves, it is, but we have a lot of readers with short attention spans), I would have described it with no less than 15 different adjectives, because even then, it wouldn’t be enough to properly describe Jorge M’s fantastic TechArt GT Street RS 911 GT2RS.

Two words come to mind. What was it again? Oh yeah, "Holy Shit."

Jorge didn't really feel comfortable trusting a valet with his car, so he parked it the best way he knew how. Like a BOSS.

Admit it. You want it.

A Bavarian Affair: Greg Strube’s BMW E30 M3

On a Sunday morning, it takes A LOT to get me out of the comforts of my bed because the chances are likely that the Saturday night festivities require a degree of recuperation. But this Sunday was different, as my morning was about to start off with the company of Mr. Greg Strube and his immaculate BMW E30 M3. Original parts and sexy lines made this M3 all business and a Bimmer Lover’s wet dream.

Straight cut goodness

Straight cut goodness