Formula D New Jersey: Ride The Wall

The best follow run is only possible when the best lead run is also ran.

-Rapper Dan Savage

Wall Speedway is known for is cheese grater guard rails. They have destroyed many Formula D cars over the year. Shredding the bumpers as the drivers try to get the closest to the rail to maximize points. Usually Wall Speedway claims at least one victim during the weekend. This year, that wasn’t the case. James Evans, Michael Essa, and Dave Briggs fell victim to the cheese grater but they were all able to come back and compete. 


Formula D New Jersey: A Test of Skill

After skipping Round 3 in Orlando, i was excited to be back on track for round 4. Wall Speedway is known for its carnage, tight tandems, and close battles. But this year at Wall there was not many crashes, which is a good thing! Due to impending bad weather Formula Drift pushed Saturdays schedule up 1 hour to try and beat the torrential rain that was on its way. The rain held off for the most part with some showers through out the day, but just enough to make the track slick and things interesting. Certain parts of the track were dry, and some parts were still wet and slick. The skills of the drivers were really put to the test. The conditions would set the men apart from the boys.


Joon Maeng: Protect The Harvest

When i think of Joon Maeng i think of heart. He has been battling it out with the best since 2007. It has been a bumpy road for Joon so far this year, but no matter what happens he always seems to have a smile on his face. No matter how many times you test your new car before the season their will always be problems that present themselves during the season. Whether he qualifies or not you will see him at the autograph table signing and taking pics, or at his car in the pits talking to fans and letting kids sit inside the car. He drifts for the passion and for the fun.


Formula D Atlanta: Hotlanta

Hotlanta lived up to its name this year. Last year when i was down in Braselton for Round 2 it rained and was not as hot as it was this year. Wednesday night i got into my car and started the 12 hour drive to Georgia with a fellow photographer. He did not drive manual, so the 12 hour drive was up to me to conquer. 13 hours later and a 15 minute nap in a BP gas station we arrived at Road Atlanta. We went straight to the track to pick up our media credentials and make the meeting.


Formula D Atlanta: The Podium Pursuit

Formula Drift Round 2 was filled with excitement, nerves, questionable calls (but when isn’t there), and battles that felt like they would never end. It was hot, and i mean real hot. No matter how much sunscreen you put on, it wasn’t going to help. Renting a golf cart was probably the best idea for the weekend. Road Atlanta is huge, and to get from the Paddock to the track, or from the Paddock to grid was insane. Up and down hills in that heat wasn’t happening. I must say Atlanta fans might be the best fans of the Formula Drift series.