The New Mayday Garage Street Tee Version 2 Shirts Now In Stock!

You’ve asked a billion times when we would start selling shirts again, and now it’s time!

**On sale NOW!!**

At long last, our newest street tee shirt is finally for sale, and with the new shirts goes our newest design. Tiva Feltman claims that while wearing the Mayday Garage shirt, guys can’t help but stare at her shirt, and we agree! This classic black shirt will match pretty much anything you wear and has one teal Mayday Garage logo across the breast and another on the right sleeve. As with all other shirts we have sold in the past, we would never sell a shirt we wouldn’t wear, so that’s why we have once again chosen American Apparel for it’s high quality cotton shirts that feel oh-so-good on our girly, sensitive skin.
Made and printed in the USA


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Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Once you go black?

We got a chance to catch up with Andre Mikhaylov, an old school ricer that lives in Houston. Believe it or not, his Berlina Black NA1 NSX is also his daily. It being NSX #2 for Andre, he knows exactly what he wanted this time around, and it’s really great to see such a nice and unusual car being put through it’s daily paces. I asked him why he chose to daily an NSX to which he replied, “It’s a Honda”. Point taken.

They don't make profiles like this anymore.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

If Batman Liked VTEC: Nick Udstad’s Black and Beautiful Turbo S2000.

You know what really grinds my gears? When people assume things. It’s the most annoying thing in the world. Like when people assume I don’t want ice cream because I’m asian and all asians supposedly are lactose intolerant. Or when people categorize any type of electronic music as “techno”. Or even when a stranger comes up to you and asks you where to score weed because you are at a liquor store. It’s pretty stupid, I’d say.

I'm not a morning person, but damn, this morning was good.

That fool is runnin a Honda two thousand

Normally I'd insert a racially inappropriate comment about this booty shot, but it's too easy.

Danh doing work with his squinty eyes.

This goes also into the realm of the import world, where people like to characterize certain cars and styles based on what they hear. For example, when I asked some people at a restaurant and bar where I could find the owner of this black and flush Honda, they looked at me as if I didn’t know what I was looking at. “Oh, you mean that black S2000? Yeah, it’s not flush, I thought you were talking about another car,” said one onlooker. Sigh. Guess I should of just said “that black and super badass Honda”, that would of probably eliminated some confusion. Good thing me and Mikey found Nick, the owner of this pristine AP2 S2K, later that evening, or heads would have rolled (I kid).

Mind. Blown. Jorge’s Crazy Sick and Lightning Quick TechArt GT Street RS 911 GT2RS

Yeah, that’s a lot of adjectives and one super lengthy name for a car. If it were entirely up to me (which, let’s not kid ourselves, it is, but we have a lot of readers with short attention spans), I would have described it with no less than 15 different adjectives, because even then, it wouldn’t be enough to properly describe Jorge M’s fantastic TechArt GT Street RS 911 GT2RS.

Two words come to mind. What was it again? Oh yeah, "Holy Shit."

Jorge didn't really feel comfortable trusting a valet with his car, so he parked it the best way he knew how. Like a BOSS.

Admit it. You want it.