Nostalgic Wednesday: 3 Kings

 Few years ago, David posted about the colorful JACCS accord for Nostalgic Wednesday. I must say, the functional style of these cars never get old. One of the reasons why I <3 Hondas were the JTCC Accords. These Accords stood out compared to the other cars on the track. The JACCS, Castrol Mugen, and the PIAA; I personally dubbed them the “3 Kings”. I loved the high-revving symphony from the naturally aspirated F20Bs, the tucked uni-lug 17 inch OZ wheels, and the unforgettable liveries on each car.

Nowadays, Honda head are drawn more towards the Civics, S2000s, and NSXs; attention to the accords are declining especially towards the CD6 sedans.

Balance of Power: Tim Zak’s Turbocharged Mugen RSX

I go to a lot of car meets around Houston. It’s fun to meet up with old friends and shoot the shit, but more often than not, people ask, “why don’t you ever feature Hondas?” My answer is usually the same. You see, I grew up in the 90’s where import “tuning” was all about big rims, gaudy body kits, RS Akimoto intakes and custom conversions. Hondas were THE cars to modify. Nowadays, my tastes haven’t strayed too far from my VeilSide combat roots, albeit, a bit more mature and modifying Hondas have gone through a series of changes as well. For the last few years, it’s been tough for a Honda to make me say wow. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a shaved and tucked engine bay as much as the next kid, but most of the Hondas I see around town are lacking in some way.

No, Tim is not a cop.

No, Tim is not a cop.