Texas Cars UNITE!!!

For the longest time, we’ve always wanted a reason to bring multiple cities in Texas together for one event. WekFest USA will be having their show for the first time in Houston, our hometown, next month on Sunday, December 15th at the George R. Brown Convention center. As you know, they’ve asked us to host a Pre Meet in Houston, the night before, and we enthusiastically obliged by teaming up with Stickydiljoe to have our premeet at the 8th Wonder Brewery just a couple of blocks away. We know there’ll be a lot of you guys coming to both events, and we’ve teamed up with some local leaders in the Austin and Dallas areas to have a mass caravan from each respective city to leave that Saturday morning and have them all come together for lunch at The Moon Tower Inn, a badass food spot that specializes in wild game hot dogs and Texas brewed craft beers.

The idea is to have everyone come to this spot to not only eat and drink, but also to give people that don’t know anyone in Houston a place to socialize and kill some time before heading just a mile or two down the road to our meet at 8th Wonder. We will be there at all three venues, so please prepare your livers, it will be one of the best car weekends of your life.

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For more info on these caravans, contact:
Dallas Chapter
Aubre Houck

Austin Chapter
Thaison Nguyen

WekFest Texas Tickets!

San Antonio and New Orleans Chapters pending…

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Friendly Reminder! Mayday Garage x The Chronicles Wek’Fest Texas PreMeet.

We cannot tell you how excited we are about our Wek’Fest Pre Meet at the 8th Wonder Brewery with The Chronicles! It’s taken some serious planning, yelling, killing and whoring around to make this happen. We are putting all of our resources together for this one epic Street Style meet, and you had better not miss it.

Ricer car provided by Kumar

WekFest TX
The Chronicles
8th Wonder Brewery

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Dat WekFest Prep.

So by now you guys have seen Khiem’s 2JZGTE powered Vintage Red FD RX-7 all over the interwebz. Believe me when I say his motor choice gets tons of hate from the rotary purists, but it’s what makes the world go round. People’s preferences in modifying cars is exactly that- a preference. The way we look at it, every car is a blank canvas, and with each modification done, it is an extension of oneself. In Khiem’s case, he’s owned a 500+whp Lexus SC300 and before that, he’s owned a 500+whp Honda Accord, so his obvious addiction is horsepower. But there is another FD. A “twinsie”, so to speak. Just like Justin Rogers’ white kouki S14 on silver TE37′s resembles Aubre Houck’s white kouki S14 on silver TE37′s, we have another Vintage Red FD RX-7 owned by another Team Mayday Garage member, but his preference is the finicky but cool rotary powered 13B-REW. The FD is about to hit the paint booth soon in preparation for WekFest TX with the new wide fenders and body work. Soon, this FD will join with Khiem’s 7 to wreak havoc in our hometown of Houston, TX, also home to December 15th’s WekFest TX held at George R. Brown Convention center. Be sure to check the car in it’s natural habitat at our Official WekFest Pre-Meet held at 8th Wonder Brewery the night before for an unforgettable time with Team Mayday Garage.

BMX bike provided by James "FilmisBetter" Evins. Edited by Khiem Pham

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Ricer X

Mayday Garage X The Chronicles WekFest TX Official PreMeet 12.14.13.

It’s official!

Everyone knows we throw some pretty cool meets. We don’t do them too often because if they’re not cool, we won’t do them at all.

Weksos Industries asked us some time ago to host the WekFest TX official Pre Meet and it is our pleasure to present to you what we’ve been working on for quite some time.

On December 14th, 2013, the night before the WekFest TX car show, we will be hosting Houston’s largest Street Style meet we’ve ever attempted at the 8th Wonder Brewery located on 2202 Dallas St, Houston, TX 77003.

Mayday Garage has rented out the brewery for the entire night, and 8th Wonder Brewery will be giving out free beer tours, as well as pouring $3 pints all night long (CASH ONLY!). If you haven’t heard of this brewery, it was started by the same guys that own and operate The Eatsie Boys food truck, which will also be in attendance. Speaking of food trucks, no ricer meet would be complete without bringing out our very own food truck, The Rice Box.

We have also collaborated with our long time friend, Joey Lee, aka, Stickydiljoe, aka The Chronicles to help us throw this awesome event. With his help, we will be pulling cars from all around the TX and third coast states.

With everyone coming in from different cities and states for the greatest car show in Houston, it’s time to show the rest of the world how Houston gets down. We’ve all built our cars to drive, park or track it to our tastes, and it’s time to show where our Street culture lives- on the street.

We have driven up and down the surrounding streets where the Brewery is located and although there are a few dips and bumps around, every car can make it through, IF you use common sense. We will post a “Dumped Friendly” route soon as we get closer to the date.

More details to come.

Prepare thy anuses.

WekFest Texas
The Chronicles
8th Wonder Brewery

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Event Coverage: Mayday goes to Wek’Fest ATX 2012

Mayday goes to Wek’Fest ATX!

Finally back from the final round of FormulaD, I have some downtime from my daytime job and whatever life I have left to finish writing this WekFest post. Actually, this is my third time writing/revising since it didn’t save the first time. I didn’t get to finish writing the second time around because of FormulaD. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post about my trip to the final round sometime next week (seriously doubt it).

Some of you guys asked us where or what we’ve been doing since we didn’t have a booth up at Wekfest or have one of our epic cruises to the show. In response to that, we’ve just been busy with our lives like the rest of you guys. Johnp has the food truck; Mikey is taking care of his 20 kids as he juggles 5 jobs while going to school full time and working on his 240; Khiem shoots and edits 24/7 at his new job; Danny is in and out of town; Newton works on small budget video projects here and there; Ervin travels around covering events for XDC/HIN; Brad stresses out at work and takes care of Ducky on his off days; and David takes care of personal business as well as coverage up in the East Coast. We may be busy, but we always try to find time to hang out with each other once in awhile whether it be having a couple of drinks at a bar, eating at Café TH, going on a group shoot photo shoot, or just hanging out at the Rice Box.

The one and only Rice Box Truck powered by Rice.

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