Chaos has a name: Import Reactor Drift 2010 coverage

Wow. What. A. Weekend.

The week started with Smoky Nagata from Top Secret Japan tuning Nissans from Monday all the way through wednesday late night, and it closed with Import Reactor Unlimited and Anime Matsuri. But before the official and epic weekend got started, Import Reactor Drift was to be the opening ceremonies to Import Reactor Unlimited.

Russell Walkers purple stuff S13 ripping up the track. KP.

Russell Walker's purple stuff S13 ripping up the track. KP.

Event Coverage: N.S.T. 5th Anniversary Drift Competition & Car Show Part 1.

This past sunday, the good folks over at NonStopTuning, a.k.a. NST, celebrated their illustrious 5 year anniversary in La Marque, TX with over one thousand close friends and family! While some businesses celebrate with cheaply made cake and cheesy party hats, NST took it a few steps further by holding a drift competition and car show held at Gulf Greyhound Park just south of Houston. Despite the bitter forty degree weather, that didn’t seem to stop the hundreds of spectators from (as JohnP so eloquently put it) getting their drift fix. Luckily, there wasn’t any disappointment from the drifters as they put on their multiple layers of clothing and kept their heads warm in their helmets.

An LS1 powered S13? Yes.
An LS1 powered S13? Yes.

OTWeb Video: Ken Block’s DC vid on Crystal Meth.

I called in to my job today on account that i’m getting sick, and with my line of work, I have to talk to a lot of people. So while the rain was killing any hopes that I could at least wash my car today, I sat down and watched some DVD’s that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet. One of those DVD’s, DSport DVD #10, has the Ken Block Gymkhana 2 video on it. While it definitely looked great on my TV, it reminded me of a video that was posted on our man Alexi’s Blog, NoriYaro. In this version of the same video (kind of), it was remixed by a guy that MUST be trippin’ on acid. The result? Pure mayhem.

To get the full effect, you have to play this bad boy full screen.


First Look: Ameen Rizvi’s Balls Out Toyota Cressida.

As I write this post, Ameen Rizvi and the 786 Motoring crew are still driving through Arizona with precious cargo aboard. The cargo in question is proof of a Labor of Love put together through the last several years by Ameen. The 1989 Toyota Cressida is undoubtably the sole reason why the road trip exists. The destination is the sunny skies of Irwindale, California, host to this weekend’s Formula D Pro-Am.

786 Motorings Toyota Cressida a.k.a. Toyota Chaser

786 Motoring's Toyota Cressida a.k.a. Toyota Chaser

Japan: A day with Alexi @ Nikko Circuit Pt. 3

In the final part of our series of A day in Nikko Circuit, we will concentrate on Alexi Smith. Alexi Smith is a pretty well known guy from Australia and runs a blog about his adventures in Japan called Nori Yaro . He speaks fluent Japanese, and has also guest blogged for SpeedHunters. You may have seen him in the JR goes drifting in Japan series, or you may have seen some of his work in Hot Version. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the man during my stay in Tokyo, Japan.

This is Alexi. This is his Mark 2. Say hi.

This is Alexi. This is his Mark 2. Say hi.

Japan: A day with Alexi @ Nikko Circuit pt. 2

Drifting. The mention of the word sends different thoughts through my head. AE86’s, Touge, D1, wild body kits, bright colors and tire smoke are just a few words that come to mind. Of those, the one constant word that always comes back is JAPAN.

The heartland and origin of drifting as we all know it today. What better way to experience drifting than to go to the source. Lucky for me, my buddy Ameen from 786 motoring hooked me up with Alexi Smith from

Water being kicked up shows the line of attack for this S14

Water being kicked up shows the line of attack for this S14