Mayday Garage does Formula Drift TX (Preview)

We know you guys are wanting to see what we’ve covered, and while Danh, Khiem, and Andrew are all working on their photos in their free time, Newton and Ray are joining forces to create a cool video. In the meantime, here are some quick photos and a short video to tide you over!

Mayday Garage does Formula D TX (Preview) from Mayday Garage on Vimeo.

Just a short video preview of our Formula Drift coverage at Texas Motor Speedway! Watch for the REAL video soon! Song: Nightcall Artist: Kavinsky

For you YouTube users:

Keep Tuning,

Ricer X

Japan: A day with Alexi @ Nikko Circuit Pt. 3

In the final part of our series of A day in Nikko Circuit, we will concentrate on Alexi Smith. Alexi Smith is a pretty well known guy from Australia and runs a blog about his adventures in Japan called Nori Yaro . He speaks fluent Japanese, and has also guest blogged for SpeedHunters. You may have seen him in the JR goes drifting in Japan series, or you may have seen some of his work in Hot Version. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the man during my stay in Tokyo, Japan.

This is Alexi. This is his Mark 2. Say hi.

This is Alexi. This is his Mark 2. Say hi.