Formula D Irwindale: The Final Part- Everything Else in Pictures.

As we finally come to a close on our epic coverage of FormulaD Final Round, I wanted to make a final post about everything else there is to see attending one of these massive drift events as seen through our camera lenses. Sit back, sip on some coffee, and enjoy the photos!

Low and super wide.

The Mexican Standoff

Sadly, this was Melyssa's last event as "Miss FormulaD"

Fans, drivers, everyone wanted to see the action. Drivers were often seen where the fans were to enjoy the rest of the show

The sun sets over the Falken Booth

Event Coverage: Fabricated Motorsports’ The Mexican Standoff.

A Mexican standoff is a slang term defined as a stalemate or impasse, a confrontation that neither side can forseeably win. In popular culture, the Mexican standoff is usually portrayed as three or more opponents with guns drawn and ready, creating a tense situation. Neither side is willing to shoot for fear of being shot in return, yet neither side wants to relinquish its weapons for fear that its opponents will shoot them. This situation forces the participants to resolve the situation either by diplomacy, surrender, or a pre-emptive strike.

Everything IS bigger in Texas. That includes Carbon wings.

Fielding Shredder's Cheddar colored S14 sliding across the hot pavement

Event Coverage Preview: The Mexican Standoff.

As I’m writing this on my way back from Mineral Wells, TX in DFan’s comfy 4 door civic, I can’t help but think how dedicated a lot of Texas Drifters are. I bitch and moan about a 5 hour drive to a sleepy town that nobody has heard of, but these guys not only make that same drive, but they also wrench on their cars all the way up to the last minute for these drift events held by Fabricated Motorsports. These guys are pretty serious when it comes to making these events, and this event was no different.

Stewart Leask blazes through the dreamy skies of Mineral Wells Airport

This lovely beauty goes for a ride in Edafe's superslammed 350Z

Zaquanh shows others his Lone Star loyalty with his battle flag.

From The Outside Looking In: A Texan’s View Of FormulaD: Atlanta Pt. 2

In part one, I kinda went over how my past experiences with FormulaD were, all on a high note. Being at FormulaD Atlanta was something else. It was like what I remember from the Houston event, but on some serious roids. They say everything in Texas is bigger, which for the most part is true, but I gotta hand it to Atlanta, they knew what was up.

This Falken girl was SMOKING HOT, just like all day friday at Road Atlanta

Coming in HOT!