Event Preview: Wek’Fest East!

It’s 2pm, and I just woke up from this weekend’s all nighters. I did a quick edit on a few photos and I’m going right back to sleep. zzZZzzzZZzzzz

I'm pretty sure this was one of the best cars there at Wek'Fest

The boys and girls get ready for the ride home

Kirk Curran's STi on it's way out of the convention center

One of my favorites from the show, this N/A Z32 was so immaculate

There were so many nice Evo's at WekFest, but this Evo X with Varis goodies was outstanding!

Here's your first place Acura from SPS Garage! You'll be seeing more of this guy

Making friends

I haven't seen a nicely done RX-7 FD in ages

870 Applicants, 310 entrants

Check back here soon!

Event Preview: Tuner Evolution 2012

I’m sitting around waiting for the time to pass, and even though the sun never came out, I got a few decent photos, but more importantly, I got a chance to catch up with a few friends! Here’s a couple of snaps to give you an idea.

I absolutely loved these two Luxury/Track inspired sedans

This F430 even had a system in the back! Right under the motor

This NSX had multiple buttcheek imprints

The Canibefriendswithyou crew


Event Coverage: Import Reactor Unlimited 2010. The best of the best.

Now that we have Import Reactor Drift behind us, it’s time for the main course, Import Reactor Unlimited 2010. For those of you who having been hiding under a rock, this is the show where the best of the best compete for the year’s show bragging rights, and it’s all held at the Marriot Hotel in The Woodlands, TX, just north of Houston.

Mikeys Kouki 240sx sporting our prototype windshield banner.

Mikey's Kouki 240sx sporting our prototype windshield banner.

Event Coverage: N.S.T. 5th Anniversary Drift Competition & Car Show Part 1.

This past sunday, the good folks over at NonStopTuning, a.k.a. NST, celebrated their illustrious 5 year anniversary in La Marque, TX with over one thousand close friends and family! While some businesses celebrate with cheaply made cake and cheesy party hats, NST took it a few steps further by holding a drift competition and car show held at Gulf Greyhound Park just south of Houston. Despite the bitter forty degree weather, that didn’t seem to stop the hundreds of spectators from (as JohnP so eloquently put it) getting their drift fix. Luckily, there wasn’t any disappointment from the drifters as they put on their multiple layers of clothing and kept their heads warm in their helmets.

An LS1 powered S13? Yes.
An LS1 powered S13? Yes.