First Look: Ameen Rizvi’s Balls Out Toyota Cressida.

As I write this post, Ameen Rizvi and the 786 Motoring crew are still driving through Arizona with precious cargo aboard. The cargo in question is proof of a Labor of Love put together through the last several years by Ameen. The 1989 Toyota Cressida is undoubtably the sole reason why the road trip exists. The destination is the sunny skies of Irwindale, California, host to this weekend’s Formula D Pro-Am.

786 Motorings Toyota Cressida a.k.a. Toyota Chaser

786 Motoring's Toyota Cressida a.k.a. Toyota Chaser

Events: Formula D Pro-Am Nationals 11/21/2009

Well, it is that time of year again for the nations best pro-amateur drifters to collect at the House of Drift (Toyota/Irwindale Speedway) in California for the Formula D Pro-Am Nationals. Ameen Rizvi will be out there in his balls out Cressida representing Houston this up and coming weekend, so wish him luck! Ill be out there as well to root him on and check out the fresh skill coming from all over the country. Also, notorious will be having a charity car meet at the Nationals, so there will be plenty of JDM eye candy as well as bad ass drifting! This is going to be soooooooo awesome! Who’s going?