MaydayGarage Does Japan Day One.

**Thanks to everyone for being so patient! If you didn’t already know, I’ve been fighting an illness that was supposed to kill me exactly one week ago, but i’m here, better than ever! Thanks for the warm wishes, and your comments, but i’m not going anywhere! –DD–**

I know, I know. It’s been over two weeks and we haven’t put up anything from our travels in Japan. Relax! Don’t forget we do this in our spare time! I hope everyone out there got a chance to capture some glimpses of the Tokyo Auto Salon from our favorite blogs out there! No doubt, this year’s TAS was not to be missed, but we want to show you our coverage of the event our way. So with myself and Danh, we managed to capture hundreds upon hundreds of images just to share with our followers. Over the next few days, we will show you exactly what we did in the seven days we occupied the great country of Japan, so sit back, wait for the images to load (there’s going to be a LOT), and take your time.

Man I don't even

Mr. Akagi loved to slap Danny's face for some reason. I have no idea why

Heaven is always above

JDM Jerry Springer?

RUF woof woof

The Man.

D1 Demo outside of Makuhari Messe

You should see rush hour

There we go

This was us 90% of the time we were on the train or subway

Breaking News: The 512 Project, a Stanceworks x Hellaflush Collaboration.

Well, it was only a matter of time before the Stay Fresh Crew over at Fatlace was going to venture their way on down to the to the dirty south. Their first appearance is going to be in collaboration with our good friends over at Stanceworks presenting a new type event known as the 512 PROJECT. The project will focus on the offset movement and is taking place on a private track in Austin, Texas known as “Driveway Austin”. This event will be of EPIC proportions, bringing in the best of the best of the fitment world.  Also, Mayday will be hosting Capital Runs from Houston and Dallas into Austin the morning of the event for roll-in. Non-stop action in on the agenda for the last Saturday of June (the 26th), and you definitely do NOT want to miss out on this. Stay tuned to Mayday Garage for more information to come regarding the Capital Runs to the 512, and more releases regarding the project! Check the 512 PROJECT link below for car registration and event and hotel information.

Oh my, Hardparking on a track? Oh damn!

Get ready!

— JohnP

On the Run: Tee’s Executive Mercedes S550

If you remember a couple a weeks ago MaydayGarage had featured an Audi A4 that belonged to a gent by the name of Ty Nguyen.   When we first shot the A4, Ty asked us if we wanted to take a look at his friends slammed Mercedes.  Now the first thing that comes to mind when someone tells us that they have a slammed Mercedes is some gaudy big body with rims from the back of a DUB catalog and super tacky feel. Luckily for us, this wasn’t the case, because when this big body car pulled up;  A tuner had gotten a hold of this Merc. S550 and we knew this guy had some good taste.

Office Executive

Office Executive

I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Ameen Rizvi, Arab Money.

Another contender this year for I.R. Drift 2010 is Houston’s own, Ameen Rizvi. Ameen, who has gained quite a bit of local support over the past few years will be laying it down Arab $$ Money style for Import Reactor Drift 2010. Ameen will be battling it out in his super sweet 2JZ swapped Cressida Grocery Getter for I.R. Drift. He also is in pursuit of the podium and like many others who thirst for the win, he is going all out!

Name: Ameen Rizvi
Age: 25
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 160 lbs
Bloodtype: A, for Arizona Arnold Palmer Tea
Preference in Women: Knees….?

Arab Money

Arab Money

Dallas, TX: Stance of the Union Pt. 2

Wow, what a weekend. Just got done looking and semi-editing the photos I took from Stance of the Union held at Cobb Tuning in Plano, TX. The meet had a great atmosphere with music being spun by a local DJ (sorry, I forgot who it was!), and everyone actually walking around and mingling with others as they share wheel specs, suspension settings, or just giving props. Much nicer than people who just sit in a chair by their cars and watch people who look at their car. Such a positive enviroment!

BBS wheels can do no wrong

BBS wheels can do no wrong