Event Coverage: 100 Drifters of December 2012

1 out of 100 December Drifters....

The month of December is an overall festive time of year that brings friends and families together for joyous celebrations.  Specifically, for the East Coast grassroots drift community, it’s time for the annual 100 Drifters of December event hosted by Summit Point Motorsports Park and Drift Nirvana.  This two-day “Slide Festival” draws in over a 100+ homegrown and semi-pro drifters. They travel from several surrounding states to this awesome track located in small town West Virginia.  For drivers, spectators, tailgaters,and photographers alike, a good time to be had by all!

I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Cody Surman, Manifold Danger

Bringing some JDM goodness to the table for I.R. Drift this year is Cody Surman. Cody, the senior of the local drifters competing in Import Reactor Drift will be running and gunning in his JZX100 Chaser. Drifting pretty is about the most “on point” phrase that describes Cody and his uber clean Chaser when it slides around the track. But don’t be confused by the cars devilishly good looks, because Cody is bringing the heat.

Name: Cody Surman
Height: 5ft 10 in
Weight: 190 lbs
Bloodtype: S for Smooth
Preference in Women: The crazier the better.

Rock On

Rock On

I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Joshua Steele, Hooters Drift

Yet another drifter hailing from Houston, Texas is Joshua Steele. Josh, who does not suffer from any type of mental disorders plans to bring his madness to the table for Import Reactor Drift. You always know when Mr. Steele is on the way to a drift event because he hauls about town in a monster Excursion pulling his drift car in style. Josh too has the drive to podium at I.R. Drift 2010, and he says he is bringing the big guns!

Name: Joshua Steele AKA “Mr. Nevrslo”
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 170
Blood Type: Medium Spicy
Preference in Women: Everything about Jenna!!! (His girlfriend not the porn star!)

Used to work at Hooters.

Used to work at Hooters.

I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Chelsea DeNofa, Gnarly Drift

Hailing from Seabrook (Houston Area), Tx comes BMW drifter Chelsea DeNofa. Chelsea, a Philly native, has been drifting across America since 2003. According to many of the interviews that we have given for Import Reactor Drift, it seems that Mr. DeNofa is the man to beat on April 1st. With a turbo charged electric money green BMW E36 M3, Chelsea too has a bit of weight that he will be bringing to the table.

Name: Chelsea DeNofa
Age: 21
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 5ft 11in
Blood Type: R for rad
Preference in Women: My Lovely lady friend

Gnarley Divinity

Gnarly Divinity

I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Ameen Rizvi, Arab Money.

Another contender this year for I.R. Drift 2010 is Houston’s own, Ameen Rizvi. Ameen, who has gained quite a bit of local support over the past few years will be laying it down Arab $$ Money style for Import Reactor Drift 2010. Ameen will be battling it out in his super sweet 2JZ swapped Cressida Grocery Getter for I.R. Drift. He also is in pursuit of the podium and like many others who thirst for the win, he is going all out!

Name: Ameen Rizvi
Age: 25
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 160 lbs
Bloodtype: A, for Arizona Arnold Palmer Tea
Preference in Women: Knees….?

Arab Money

Arab Money

I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Wild Man Brad Burnett

Hailing from Houston, Texas Brad Burnett will be competing in this years I.R. Drift with his freshly swapped Toyota Corolla AE-86 Coupe. Brad, who is no stranger to high speed entries will be looking forward to the track layout that I.R. Drift will have to offer. Rocking a 1UZFE in his Hachi- Brad looks to bring some heavy competition to the table.

Name: Brad Burnett
Age: 25 yrs
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 190lbs
Blood Type: Coors
Preference in Women: “Quotes Sir Mix Alot”

No Bite is Big Enough.

No Bite is Big Enough.