Dallas, TX: Stance of the Union Pt. 2

Wow, what a weekend. Just got done looking and semi-editing the photos I took from Stance of the Union held at Cobb Tuning in Plano, TX. The meet had a great atmosphere with music being spun by a local DJ (sorry, I forgot who it was!), and everyone actually walking around and mingling with others as they share wheel specs, suspension settings, or just giving props. Much nicer than people who just sit in a chair by their cars and watch people who look at their car. Such a positive enviroment!

BBS wheels can do no wrong

BBS wheels can do no wrong

Dallas, TX: Off to Stance of the Union!

Don’t forget that me and JohnP will be covering all aspects of Stance of the Union today and will try our hardest to bring you all of the fresh cars and whips that the South has to offer! Then it’s off to the 16NISS shindig that night in Dallas, TX, and of course, the main course, Texas Lonestar Bash in Mineral Wells, TX, just outside of Ft. Worth.

If you see this S14 at the meet, say Hi to Mikey! Hell be with us.

If you see this S14 at the meet, say Hi to Mikey! He'll be with us.

We’ve got our camera gear charged, packed, and ready to snap. We’ll also be rolling out with one of local crews, 786Motoring as they’ll be bringing the noise with the 2JZ powered Toyota Drift machines! Keep up with us here on Mayday, and follow me on Twitter @MayDayDavidD as I tweet live at the Stance of the Union meet!