MaydayGarage Does Japan Day One.

**Thanks to everyone for being so patient! If you didn’t already know, I’ve been fighting an illness that was supposed to kill me exactly one week ago, but i’m here, better than ever! Thanks for the warm wishes, and your comments, but i’m not going anywhere! –DD–**

I know, I know. It’s been over two weeks and we haven’t put up anything from our travels in Japan. Relax! Don’t forget we do this in our spare time! I hope everyone out there got a chance to capture some glimpses of the Tokyo Auto Salon from our favorite blogs out there! No doubt, this year’s TAS was not to be missed, but we want to show you our coverage of the event our way. So with myself and Danh, we managed to capture hundreds upon hundreds of images just to share with our followers. Over the next few days, we will show you exactly what we did in the seven days we occupied the great country of Japan, so sit back, wait for the images to load (there’s going to be a LOT), and take your time.

Man I don't even

Mr. Akagi loved to slap Danny's face for some reason. I have no idea why

Heaven is always above

JDM Jerry Springer?

RUF woof woof

The Man.

D1 Demo outside of Makuhari Messe

You should see rush hour

There we go

This was us 90% of the time we were on the train or subway

Nostalgic Wednesdays: 1984-1989 Toyota MR2

The first generation MR2 (AW10/AW11) would be my favorite out of the 3 generations.It was Toyota’s experimental project with the Lotus corporation in its prototype phase of the M90 concept. It’s name ment “Midship Runabout 2-seater” also dubbed as the “poor man’s Ferrari” or “mini-Ferrari” by some, it was something that you wouldn’t expect from Toyota.

it's official when its on Watanabes.

Toyota, well known for producing economical and practical family cars; created a non-practical 2 seater, light weight, mid-engined compact that wasn’t even really born to be a sports car, but was just a fun enjoyable cruiser.  The MR2 was the first japanese car to use the MR layout. Enjoyable cruiser? Definitely! Strategically bolt in the legendary 16V 4AG-E, later on supercharging it making a 4AG-ZE, then loading it with Momo commissioned steering wheel and shift knob. The slapping in some Recaro Seats and branding it “Super Edition”..lightweight high reving roadsters; now THAT’s classic DNA of a sport compact car!

Traces of Toyota are still visible in a Lotus. As of today, it is still rumored that Lotus is still in subtle contact with Toyota ; visible in the Esprit’s, the Trueno tail lights, and the Elise and Exige using the Matrix XRS’ VVTL-i 1.4 motor.

Sadly, the succeeding generations of the MR2 died slowly in my book. Toyota needs to bring some Midship goodness back!



Nostalgic Wednesdays: RE-Amemiya FC3S Rx7

FC3s? nuff said. BUT wait, have we forgotten about the RE Amemiya FC3s? Also known as the RE SuperG, this is definitely a ricer’s paradise. The Rx7 Savanna (FC Chasis) is equipped with a modified engine specially tuned by RE Amemiya, a bodykit including recessed headlamps, diffusers, and of course  monster wing! (thus the name SuperG?). All this being a “total tune”. The RE Amemiya aero is hard to come by and considered rare in the FC3S community. If I’m not mistaken, the RE SuperG,  which contains all pioneered technology is also applied to the RE Amemiya race cars competing in the Japanese GT Championship. I totally love GT inspired street cars and this would definitely be in my top list.  Enjoy!

white always brings a smile to my face

definitely cargasm.

can't touch thisss....


...I jizz in my pants.

But wait…

There’s more rotary love!

Part 1

Part 2


Santa’s New Ride: David Ho’s Porsche 993 Carrera Cabriolet

It was Saturday, December 4th, 7:00am, and Mayday Mikey was banging at my door at the crack of dawn. I opened my eyes to quite possibly one of the worst hangovers ever after an epic night of beer pong and ol’ fashioned whiskey cocktails. Why was he waking me up? Simple, Cars and Coffee, and the December 4th event would end up being worth every hangover moment because little did I know that we would be encountering a gem that day..

Nothing wrong with starting from behind.

Nothing wrong with starting from behind.

Arriving to that day’s Cars and Coffee was quite overbearing as the number of cars was easily 700 plus of all varieties. As we started moving about like hawks on a mission looking for a diamond in the rough, there it was. David Ho’s pearl white Porsche Carrera with red leather Recaro Buckets, slammed on RUF racing wheels. It literally made jaws drop as it sat there hammered, subtlety adding to the scenery. The search was on for the owner and luckily enough we caught Mr. Ho as he was about to leave. We exchanged information and the story began…

A Diamond in the rough.

A Diamond in the rough.

Rewind < < A few weeks prior to the December 4th Cars and Coffee the Mayday Crew was sitting at a café where we were attempting to mastermind what our Christmas shoot theme would be for 2010. It took a bit, but Mayday David threw it out, Santa and his Sleigh. Now being that we are from Houston Texas there are few things that we never really encounter, one being snow, which is obvious because as I write this feature it is currently 80 degrees outside, and the other is reindeer. So up came the creativity. A convertible car would be the sleigh and horses as reindeer…but where the hell were we going to get someone to loan us horses to pull a Porsche as a sleigh? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="672" caption="Santa lost weight?"]Santa lost weight?[/caption]

Monday Morning Motivation: Testarossa Love.

I spend a good hour of my day, every day in the gym so I can end up with a lady in red with an ass like this. If you have been following us on Facebook then you have undoubtedly seen this photo linked from the depths of the internet sea, it is so serious that it belongs here on MaydayGarage.

Like fine aged wine.

Like fine aged wine.



– JohnP

The Chreeno Archives: Tyler Calhoun’s Street WRX

A couple of months ago a good friend of mine, and local Houston photographer Chris Reno approached me about a couple of cars he had shot over the past year. Chris (Chreeno) is a local ricer as well and has some great taste in cars, so when we talked about a bit of collaboration I got pretty excited. One of the cars in discussion was Tyler Calhoun’s WRX, an ultra clean, tastefully modded street style beast that, when seen in person makes you break your neck. We like cars like this. Though we at Mayday Garage enjoy “over the top” barely street legal, ricer engaged wild builds, we know a clean car when we see one and Tyler’s Subie fits the bill.

Tastefully Tasteful Taste

Tastefully Tasteful Taste