Mind. Blown. Jorge’s Crazy Sick and Lightning Quick TechArt GT Street RS 911 GT2RS

Yeah, that’s a lot of adjectives and one super lengthy name for a car. If it were entirely up to me (which, let’s not kid ourselves, it is, but we have a lot of readers with short attention spans), I would have described it with no less than 15 different adjectives, because even then, it wouldn’t be enough to properly describe Jorge M’s fantastic TechArt GT Street RS 911 GT2RS.

Two words come to mind. What was it again? Oh yeah, "Holy Shit."

Jorge didn't really feel comfortable trusting a valet with his car, so he parked it the best way he knew how. Like a BOSS.

Admit it. You want it.

Max Res Mondays: Working class.

We typically don’t post a wallpaper when we haven’t even put up the feature, but here’s a nifty picture I snapped off while our own Danny Barber was working with Haas Fogle at an undisclosed location/garage on a really cool Porsche 993 911. Old school meets new school. Keep your eyes peeled for a Mayday Life post by our own Danny Barber soon.


Nostalgic Wednesdays: 1974 IROC RSR

If there was a “classic all star game” in the racing world, it would have been the International Race of Champions (IROC). Champions from different branches of racing (SCCA, F1, NASCAR, USAC) participated in a series.

When we hear the abbreviation IROC , we think of the IROC-Z, not a 240Z, 350Z but a Camaro Z28. But as a Porsche RSR fanboy, I would like to raise awareness that before the Camaro IROC-Z, there was a Carrera IROC RSR.

at first i was like RWB? oh IROC. lulz.

From Houston with Love: Princeton Wong’s 1996 Porsche Carrera 2 Monster

In today’s tuner world, innovation is a very rare occurrence. When I say innovation, I am not talking about how creative your fiberglass guy got in modifying your body kit and system. I am talking about the character of a car; the feeling you get when you see a work of art, something that makes you stare and say, ”holy shit.” To be able to take an idea from your mind and execute it in such a way, which not only inspires others but also brings a whole new level of play to the game, is a rare skill. Someone had such a vision for his naturally aspirated Porsche 993 Carrera 2, we are talking a vision circa 2002, Princeton Wong’s vision.

Someone call 911