If there was a “classic all star game” in the racing world, it would have been the International Race of Champions (IROC). Champions from different branches of racing (SCCA, F1, NASCAR, USAC) participated in a series.

When we hear the abbreviation IROC , we think of the IROC-Z, not a 240Z, 350Z but a Camaro Z28. But as a Porsche RSR fanboy, I would like to raise awareness that before the Camaro IROC-Z, there was a Carrera IROC RSR.

at first i was like RWB? oh IROC. lulz.

In 1974, the organizers chose the Porsche RSR 3.0 to test the driver’s skills and compete in the IROC. It was the first and last Import that was used for this racing series.

15 mechanically identical Carrera RSRs were driven by famous race car drivers (mostly Americans); some of the famous names were Mark Donohue, Bobby Allison, Peter Revson,  A.J. Foyt, Emerson Fittipaldi and Dennis Hulme (the only 2 representing Formula 1)

minty fresh.

Though identical in performance, the cars were identified separately by their bright colors. Bright colors were also used to entice the television audience because during this time, the color TV was becoming a necessity in every home.

rockin' baby blues.

after the IROC’s 1st season, the RSRs were dropped and replaced by the Camaro. Even though that the RSRs lasted only one season, they created a wave of porsche enthusiasts among young americans and race car fans. Its participation in the IROC series showed the car’s potential in performance and style( bright colored Porsches).

an IROC inspired Carrera with a little more swag.



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