Secrets don’t make friends.

The only picture we ever leaked of our "intentions", Danny and Haas removing the motor from the 993

That box costs more than the damn car.

We now know that dreams are made of fiberglass.

Oh so you're a fan of dish? We've got you covered.

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag. If you’ve been paying attention to us on our Facebook Fan page, then you’ll remember way back earlier this year when we asked for help finding a Porsche 911. We didn’t say why, and we didn’t really say anything since then except for one random snap of our own Mayday Danny working on his then newly acquired Porsche 911. Let’s rewind for a bit.

Time to check out our first candidate.

Back earlier this year Danny was telling me and JohnP how he was ready to build a new car after enjoying his Silvia S15 for a while. A lot of people go through this, they call it “the itch”, but when different cars were thrown around one evening after some beers and nachos, ranging from FD3S RX-7’s to Supras, an idea of building one of the baddest looking Porsches came up. So what are the hottest Porsches around? Simple. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, than you know the hottest Porsches being talked about right now aren’t even from Germany, but rather, from Japan. Nakai-san and the gang from Rauh Welt have been pumping out some serious creations from J-Land and recently, they’ve been traveling all over the globe including Thailand, UK and just recently, the US.

Candidate number two.

So where to start?
RWB is known to build sick Porsche 911’s, but there were three specific models we narrowed it down to, and that was the 930, 964 and 993 variations. Being on a budget, we opted to look at some 930’s, and every week was a new adventure as we went from knowing virtually nothing about these Bavarian monsters to doing a crash course on the ins and outs of 911 shopping. We reached out to one of our good friends Carl Fehres, a previous feature car owner. If you recall, we had shot Carl’s beautiful track ready 930 Carrera RS and who better else to ask for some pointers than this guy? Of course Carl was ecstatic about Danny even possibly wanting to get a Porsche period. We didn’t tell him that we wanted to “bastardize” a perfectly working 911 to suit our ricer style, but we still picked his brain about Porsches.


Through Carl, he had invited us to attend some Porsche Club of Houston meetings which were held at Haas Fogle’s garage, one of the most baddest fucking racecar drivers to ever come out of Texas. As Danny and I came out to a few of these meetings, we met other cool members of the club and learned much about not only Porsche 911’s, but about the individuals who owned/raced/worked on them. Through this newly formed bond, we were able to track a few different cars to check out. Through the many generations of 911’s, we learned something new about each generation 911. Starting with a pristine 930 widebody Turbo model, we eventually checked out a super immaculate 964 and eventually, decided on a 993 model which costs much more than the previous two, but it was decided that of the three bodystyles of 911’s, this would represent MaydayGarage the best because, well, it’s the billy badass of the three in terms of wideness, presence, and overall badassery (I made that up).

The only problem was that we were still on a budget, and that meant looking for some deals on 993’s. We eventually found what seemed like a good deal on a white 993 that had some engine issues. Danny was able to secure this 993 after the previous 911’s we looked at all got snatched up just days after viewing them. This one wasn’t gonna get away that easy. It wasn’t until a few days later when Danny reached out to Nakai-san in Japan and began to start the process of building what we thought at the time was the first Rauh Welt Porsche in America. A few weeks later we found out that Mark Arcenal of Fatlace and the guys from Hoonigan were also building Porsches, and in this time we were in the process of waiting on the diagnosis of the 993 motor we pulled from Danny’s car. We had pulled the motor ourselves at one of the Porsche Club of Houston meetings using Haas’ car lifts. Our spirits were lifted somewhat when we found out that Nakai-san and Toshi (his right hand man) told us that we’d still have the very first 993 RWB car in America and that the body kit and wheels were on their way.

Then disaster struck.
One of the mechanics at a very well known Porsche specific shop gave Danny the news that the motor needed to be rebuilt and the costs were very substantial. It was time to look at buying a used 993 motor, and to add insult to injury, the shipment of parts from RWB Japan were being held up in customs right here in Houston. The pressure was on, and we still didn’t agree on a color for the car. Danny originally chose a white color, but right after that idea, we saw the completion of the Thailand RWB car which was white as well. One day while Danny and I were buying some used parts for my own car, he had decided on a flat gray color like what you would find on the newer Lamborghini’s and even go so far as to paint the calipers bright yellow and run matte black SSR’s. Of course that idea was crushed when a few days later we found that the UK RWB was the exact same color! FUCK!!! Really??!! Ugh.

After exchanging emails with Toshi and Nakai-san, we had worked out a schedule. The original plan was for Nakai-san and Toshi to fly to America and come to Texas where they would work on the 993 right here where Danny and I live in the garage. Then, Toshi presented an idea to Danny where he offered the same services but in the newly built RWB USA facilities in California, and if he accepted, they would finish the car and bring the MaydayGarage/RWB 993 to SEMA in Las Vegas. This threw us for a loop because we had the chance to show the world who we are and to let everyone know that MaydayGarage doesn’t play around, but on the other hand, Nakai-san would completely miss out on Texas and we wouldn’t be able to capture the process of building the 993 if it were in California. An executive decision was made to hold out on building the car and to have Nakai-san come out to Texas after the SEMA show. We all decided that this was the best course of action for everyone.

So where are we at?
The RWB kit and rims are right here where they belong, the paint has been decided and is on it’s way (the color is going to blow your fucking minds), as is the newly purchased 993 motor. The actual 993 is now at a body shop, with what we think is the best painter in Texas, and tires are also on the way to fit those insanely wide SSR’s. Next week, me and Danh will be flying to Las Vegas to not only cover SEMA show, but to also meet Nakai-san and Toshi and the other RWB Porsches. Danny will also meet us out in Las Vegas and have a chance to finally meet the man in person.

Danny snapped this pic of the complete kit. Nakai san is very thorough.


We’ve kept this secret of building a RWB car for months, and let me tell you, it’s freaking hard to keep something as cool as this a secret from everyone you know. There were constant rumors being thrown around that there was a Fatlace porsche, another porsche in California and “some car in Texas” being built. Two weeks ago, Mark Arcenal from Fatlace met up JohnP at Wek’Fest in Ft. Worth and asked him if he knew who owned the “993 in Texas”. After some debate, we let him in on the secret and told Mark that the “993 in Texas” was a MaydayGarage car. So now everyone knows, and believe me when we say the car will be quite awesome. Actually, awesome is an understatement. That’s like saying Michael Jordan was “just some dude that could dunk”.

Congratulations, your two car garage just turned into one.

Now comes the fun part. Nakai-san will be staying with us in Houston, and we plan on going big. We’re talking big trucks, huge steak dinners, line dancing, strip clubs, you name it, Team MaydayGarage plans to show everyone how we do it here in Texas. And all of this will be documented, Mayday style. Stay tuned as we will be providing the most intensive coverage of how you build a super crazy widebody Porsche 911!!

Told you this picture would mean something later...

Prepare your anuses.

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