I'm sure Joy approved of this Supra on TE37's and Endless brakes

My favorite cars there were a trio of serious AE86's

There was much more to do than just check out cars

Some cars were indoors, but most were outside

Another successful photobomb by Takata

Back in mid May, I was invited out to a car event by Jay Martinez called Carlisle Performance and Style held at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds. It’s a celebration of sorts for all things automotive. For me, it was a taste to see what type of cars were in the Pennsylvania area, be it good or bad, so I jumped in Joy’s Jeep with our two dogs and headed two hours north of Baltimore to check it out.

This EVO with some wicked paint had a guard dog protecting anyone from touching it. Yikes

This supercharged AP2 S2000 on S1's grabbed my attention

The CRZ is starting to grow on me, especially white ones

Joy's car was indoors in the Tuner Evolution booth to help promote Jay's show

These dogs were tired!

One of my favorite cars from this show was at the ESR tent. Such a nicely done Supra

Why's it gotta be WYT??

There were literally thousands of cars, and I quickly scanned the endless rows of imports that were sprinkled across the top of the freshly cut grass outdoors. I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked, but I tried to take a few pictures of the cars I felt needed to be shown to our readers. Don’t get me wrong, there were probably a few other cars that were definitely photo worthy, but I don’t think my puppy Takata could handle too much outdoors heat.

From afar, this S2000 looked nice

I've never actually seen a really nice Miata engine bay in person, so I was happy to see this example

so many cars...

I want some of that purple stuff....

Manny looks unimpressed with something

There were so many clean Hondas on display as well. It's nice to see performance oriented ones for sure.

I wonder what Jonathan Wong thinks of this EF hatchback

Dammit Takata, move your ass out of my picture!

There were also a good number of Euros out in attendance as well.

There was a lot more going on during the Carlisle Performance and Style show including burnouts and lots of scantily clad women. Sorry, I suck at taking pictures of women. Blame the Miata. There was plenty to do and it looked like everyone had a great time from what I could gather from the two day event.

As I've stated before, my favorite cars were a trio of AE86's all from the same shop.

These Corolla's, tuned by NTO Motorsports out of Baltimore, MD blend old school JDM style with modern day muscle

All three Corollas are unique in their own way. This one sported a very Supra-esqued (style wise) 2JZGTE motor with a single turbo

Bling fucking Bling!

This hatch with a more traditional Trueno front end came fresh from the NTO Motorsports "garage"

In true NTO fashion, this hatch was accommodating a tuned 1.5JZGTE motor

Of all the Corollas, this one was my favorite and my pick of the show (sorry Joy).

Walt Escoto's silver masterpiece caught so much attention from passerby's

Walt's AE86 had a twin turbocharged 1UZ motor stuffed into the engine bay

Like these Corollas? So do we. I'll be shooting these three cars and will be showcasing them in a separate feature soon!

At the end of day 2, I got a chance to meet a few people including the NTO Motorsports boys, Jeremy Rohrs, Aaron Vaccar and the guys from Tuner Evolution. I also got to take a breather and enjoyed the event with Joy and our dogs. There are a few more shows including Wek’Fest East (Wek’Fest LA will be posted really soon), so check back here often as I post my coverage of the East Coast events!

JJ introduces his daughter to the horse known as Turbo

Jay Martinez snaps a photo of Aaron Vaccar presenting the "Livin the Life" award to Joy with his broken ass iPhone.

A little more in focus now


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