As we finally come to a close on our epic coverage of FormulaD Final Round, I wanted to make a final post about everything else there is to see attending one of these massive drift events as seen through our camera lenses. Sit back, sip on some coffee, and enjoy the photos!

Low and super wide.

The Mexican Standoff

Sadly, this was Melyssa's last event as "Miss FormulaD"

Fans, drivers, everyone wanted to see the action. Drivers were often seen where the fans were to enjoy the rest of the show

The sun sets over the Falken Booth

Somebody REALLY needs to get MAACO

One of the nicest SC's in the US. I just wish it were a tad lower.

Red and green like Christmas!

Don't know bikes very well, but this one was reallllly nice

There were a TON of vendor booths including Snap-On


This Evo was on top of some toolboxes for all to see. It worked, as everyone that walked by, stopped and stared.

Why so serious?

Now THAT is an awesome GF!

Oh. Mah. Gah.

Roland's S13 sittin' on what looks like old school Koenigs

Ken warming up his back up ride on the track

The standard raffle tickets were given to the drivers for a new pair of pants.


FIRE in the holes!

Train em young!

Aerodynamically challenged.

In case you forgot where you were

Oh that doesn't look so bad.

Scratch what I said earlier.


Wow. FD filmed in 3D?! Nice! I wonder what it'll look like!

Please! 3D camera, don't you let me down!

Wait your turn.

D_Fan puttin his life on the line for the shot!

Under the bleachers

Serious stance = Serious photos

Although this is a terrible photo on my part, this is Team MotorMavens giving Team Mayday advice on massage parlors

Dai about to do a commercial for hair gel.


green with envy?

This S12 was immaculately clean packing some legit horsepower

In the form of the legendary RB26DETT

Apex'i USA was NOT playing around with this super badass IS-F

Pretty much the most popular drink of FD

The NOS booth had a ton of things going on for spectators, they even had a graffiti artist there

We tried to ask him to spray the MaydayGarage logo, but he just kept making more skulls. :/

NOS gettin' ready for the autograph session

Apparently, if you hit this hard enough, you were awarded with a NOS girl. I didn't believe that.

The engine bay in this G was ultra clean

Honestly, there were times I only wanted to use my phone to take pix.

That's a lot of meat. (go ahead and say it. I'll wait.)

Good thing there was some power behind it!

Reminder: If there's a fire nearby, everyone must run in opposite directions and yell, "NAAAAWWWWZZZZ!!!!"

One of my favorite rides there, this Mazda Van was Turbocharged and sitting on Volk GTUs

The line to get in

Nikolay's street simple S13

Warp speed, Mr. Wharf

Too fast for the cameras!

Another one of my personal favorites there, this FD under the EXEDY booth had some really classy mods.

Bisi's ride in the Falken Tent

Oh but you already know how we feel about race Porsches...

The V-LED ProAm S14

I wonder how Dai's hair looks under that helmet?

Maintenance session about to get underway

I seriously hope he isn't scared of heights

The Meguiars booth had some sick whips like this Evo

Falken S15 about to mow down some innocent bystanders

Sick SC

RJ DeVera checking out the Fatlace show

MotorMavens reppin

Tanner rippin' up the competition

Rod Chong layin' down some game with the help of his big lens

A rare treat. StickyDilJoe taking pix of a non Honda!

Our ace photographer D_Fan looking for talent.

FD host/announcer Jarod with either a bag of stickers or a bag of the sticky icky

Needs moar cameras

I even scouted the parking lot for a good hour trying to find a cool ride when I came across this Z

This S30 was all dry carbon'd out. fenders, hood, lip, spoilers, even the rear taillight garnish

By far, my favorite pick of the parking lot!

That’s it! Another successful Formula Drift event under our belts, and as we packed our bags and headed back to the south central, we met up with a lot of our old buddies and even made a lot of new friends along the way. We’d love to take this opportunity to thank all of those that helped us spread the love that is MaydayGarage, and would also like to remind everyone that none of us here at MaydayGarage do this for money or financial gain, we do it strictly because we love it, and nothing more. We spend thousands of dollars on camera gear and plane tickets/hotels/rental cars, etc just to provide you guys with high quality coverage of the events we choose to cover.

Exit stage right

The main thing that separates us from some of the other guys is the fact that we are all true RICERS first, with photography and blogging coming in second, armed with our previous history around cars, we understand the type of coverage you guys want to see, be it the competition cars, the action, the hardparkers, the women and everything else in between, we are here because we think we can do it better.

The scene of the crime

All photos were taken by John Peterson, Andrew Machac, Khiem Pham, Danh Phan, Mikey Nguyen, Ervin Llanera and David Do exclusively for MaydayGarage.

For ALL of the pictures, including HIGH RESOLUTION desktop sizes for every photo in our FormulaD coverage, CLICK HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

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