Texas Drifting: Henry Swasey Does Lonestar Drift Round 1

If you have been keeping up with drifitng in Texas you are now well aware that Aaron Losey of Fabricated Motorsports has started a 2011 Lonestar Texas drift series. Round 1 took place at Nonstop Tuning’s anniversary car show event. MaydayGarage was present, but unfortunately we had to skip out early….so you wont be finding any pictures here, however, Henry Swasey from Team Silhouette caught some great coverage. Long story short, Silhouette underdog Robert Lee took the win of Round 1 in his 113 hp AE86 by being tapped by last year XDC series winner Chelsea DeNofa. The first round of the series had a great turnout and is looking very promising! Check the video from Henry Swasey!


– JohnP

Event Coverage: Fabricated Motorsports’ The Mexican Standoff.

A Mexican standoff is a slang term defined as a stalemate or impasse, a confrontation that neither side can forseeably win. In popular culture, the Mexican standoff is usually portrayed as three or more opponents with guns drawn and ready, creating a tense situation. Neither side is willing to shoot for fear of being shot in return, yet neither side wants to relinquish its weapons for fear that its opponents will shoot them. This situation forces the participants to resolve the situation either by diplomacy, surrender, or a pre-emptive strike.

Everything IS bigger in Texas. That includes Carbon wings.

Fielding Shredder's Cheddar colored S14 sliding across the hot pavement