Nostalgic Wednesdays: RE-Amemiya FC3S Rx7

FC3s? nuff said. BUT wait, have we forgotten about the RE Amemiya FC3s? Also known as the RE SuperG, this is definitely a ricer’s paradise. The Rx7 Savanna (FC Chasis) is equipped with a modified engine specially tuned by RE Amemiya, a bodykit including recessed headlamps, diffusers, and of course  monster wing! (thus the name SuperG?). All this being a “total tune”. The RE Amemiya aero is hard to come by and considered rare in the FC3S community. If I’m not mistaken, the RE SuperG,  which contains all pioneered technology is also applied to the RE Amemiya race cars competing in the Japanese GT Championship. I totally love GT inspired street cars and this would definitely be in my top list.  Enjoy!

white always brings a smile to my face

definitely cargasm.

can't touch thisss....


...I jizz in my pants.

But wait…

There’s more rotary love!

Part 1

Part 2


When GT Meets Street: Henry Kosasih’s Sorcery NA1 NSX

Here at MaydayGarage we make it a point to show the world what we, as ricers, would like. A few weeks ago we shared with our readers Dennis Muriel’s Do-luck kitted NSX. Ultra clean and “ in-between the lines tuning” were a few of the words that we used to describe Dennis’ style. This week however, we are sharing a different perspective. A perspective of an NSX build that steps outside the lines for a mix between GT and street, we’d like to share with you Henry Kosasih’s version, a widebody Sorcery NA1 NSX.

Just a part of the scenery..

Just a part of the scenery..

Sitting down over a cup of coffee, Mayday Mikey mentioned to me what it was like the first time he laid eyes upon Henry’s NSX. “ It was as though time stood still, the NSX was stuck there in the moment, allowing you to take it all in, everything that the car had to offer.” Funny how a piece of machinery can make time stand dead in its tracks.

Dead in it's tracks.

Dead in it's tracks.

I have been fortunate to know Henry for a few years now, and I will tell you that he is no slouch when it comes to building cars. Coming from the European world with a bad ass E46 M3, Henry decided to step up his game with the NSX. And knowing how he had built his M before it was no secret that the day the NSX landed in henrys lap in 2006, it wasn’t going to be a simple tune.

Mayday Garage was here.

Mayday Garage was here.

Monday Morning Motivation: Testarossa Love.

I spend a good hour of my day, every day in the gym so I can end up with a lady in red with an ass like this. If you have been following us on Facebook then you have undoubtedly seen this photo linked from the depths of the internet sea, it is so serious that it belongs here on MaydayGarage.

Like fine aged wine.

Like fine aged wine.



– JohnP

OTWeb: S30 Z’s, how I love thee.

I love most all cars, but I have strong feelings towards Japanese nostalgic classic cars. There are just so many, from classic Toyota Celicas, Mazda rotaries and Datsun dimes to Mitsubishi GTO’s and Honda S500’s. Unfortunately, many of the kids nowadays don’t know about classic Japanese cars past the Toyota Corolla (AE86). That is, unless they’ve been playing Wangan Midnight on their Playstations and Xboxes.

The Datsun/Nissan S30 240Z was Nissan’s very first affordable sports coupe available to the public masses back in the early 70’s. With it’s timeless styling, punchy inline 6 cylinder motor, and it’s very trackable suspension, it was easy to see why these cars were so popular. These cars have an almost cult-like following, and is not just limited to Japan, but all over the world.

So sexy, it hurts. A modified Z is an instant classic.

So sexy, it hurts. A modified Z is an instant classic.