Event Coverage: Random Snaps at the Fall Team Bash v.Trunk or Treat 2011

Glilly's daughter checking out the matte green vinyl on his clean STi.

Originating from the All Team Bash held in the summer, Kimo decided to put together another family friendly oriented meet this Fall… The Fall Team Bash – Trunk or Treat.  While the weather was a lot nicer, I noticed there weren’t as many cars as the All Team Bash during the summer.  Maybe everyone partied too hard the nite before or was busy watching the Texans beat the Jaguars :D

Contest and games were held, like this one here of the pumpkin carving contest held by Automodia.

Do you notice the Bride seats or Robin adjusting his mask?

Robin looking pretty gangster nowadays.

Kimo's Mustegra hybrid.

Can you guess what his costume was?

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Secrets don’t make friends.

The only picture we ever leaked of our "intentions", Danny and Haas removing the motor from the 993

That box costs more than the damn car.

We now know that dreams are made of fiberglass.

Oh so you're a fan of dish? We've got you covered.

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Random Snap: True <3′s.

When we met the owner of Wek’Fest Texas’ Best of Show winner, Thomas Pinai, I thought his little boy Kai, was rather cute as he stood next to his daddy’s slammed GS. I asked if it were okay if our photographer Khiem could take a shot next to his car, and he agreed. Too bad Kai himself was rather bashful around our lenses, he would run back to mommy and daddy even after they tried tricking him multiple times with some delicious treats. We never did get “the shot” that I wanted, but what Khiem managed to get was even better than what I had planned. He caught a quick snap of Kai looking at rims as big as he was with papa Pinai right behind him, squatting down to both their levels.

Say hai to kai

The kid moved too fast for Khiem! He should look into doing Track and Field

This is what they call the "money shot"

Thomas sent me this picture of the picture he had made and framed which now sits right where it should be, in their home. This is pretty significant to me as I’ve seen many car tuners that are sometimes made to make the tough choice of giving up their cars for their families (as it should be), but in this situation, at least two loves of Thomas’ life are now captured in one epic picture.

This makes me all warm and tingly inside.

You’ll be seeing more of this car soon, as well as little Kai!

Nostalgic Wednesdays: Old school Hip-Hop and Cars

Keepin’ it FRESH

Today’s Nostalgic Wednesday would be something different. If there’s something that triggers nostalgia the most for me, it would be music. Every song is tied to something memorable or an even in your life. Personally, 90′s hip-hop genre never fails in bringing back old memories. Some songs introduced me to some cars and I started liking them because of the music i was listening to. While Jamming to some Tribe Called Quest on my way home, I remembered that Q-Tip was featured in Rides Magazine featuring his love for some V-dubs.

“…Yo, this was around the time when I didn’t know no better

Juney moved around in a tinted out jetta…” 

I was impressed by Q-Tip; not only by his rhyming skills but the fact that he owns/owned 2 VW’s and he’s proud of it.

Other than Q-tip, we had Notorious B.I.G. rapping A LOT about his Lexus’.

” …sex is all I expect if they watch TV in the Lex”

” …Lexus LS four and a half, bullet glass tints if I want some ass”

“…Diamond Necklaces and stretch Lexus’s “

“… They heard about the Rolexes ad the Lexus”

and Jay-Z probably shares the same love for the Lex since he had them in his lyrics and most of his classic videos. If you ever noticed, Jay-Z possibly had the same (1st Gen)Lexus GS fleeing in his “Dead Presidents” Video (1996) and getting pulled over in his “99 Problems” video (2004)…that’s 8 years!  And lastly, living in Houston, who would ever forget Fat Pat’s “Tops Drop” video with some bagged Caddys parading with some booty shaking in the park. There are still a lot of songs that featured memorable rides but these are all that I can remember for now.

peace! -mark@MaydayGarage

Event Coverage: The Most Epic Post Ever – MaydayGarage Does Wek’Fest TX.

Something we like to pride ourselves here at MaydayGarage is to bring our readers the best possible coverage of any event we attend. We’ve heard it from many of you that you guys truly love our coverage because not only are the pictures worth saving, but that we tend to bring a more human element to our photos, that is, we like to take photos of what’s actually going on at an event, not just the cars themselves. So my personal goal to you guys is to make this coverage of Wek’Fest’s first ever show here in Texas the best you’ll find on the internet, period. So let’s get going…

It's going down in downtown

Right this way

Gotta make sure she looks purty!

Those Refined Elegance boys showing off the Vertex Ridge kitted SC

Thomas Pinai's dual entries into Wek'Fest

Early morning roll in/wood.

Our Texans cheerleader helping us sell some product!

That's a damn line



Sell sell sell!

Kai demands moar low


I guess everyone's a photographer now

Our own Danny Barber didn't even know he won Best Nissan.

Line em up!

Wow, the headlights are so nice! Usually they get all yellowed out on SC's.

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Event Coverage: The Lonestar Run by MaydayGarage.

If you’ve been following MaydayGarage for a few years, then you know Mayday’s earliest beginnings started off as a caravan to Austin dubbed The Mayday Capital Run. It was originally conceived and planned by our very own JohnP as a way to build a small knit group of people that just want to cruise as a pack. The first few were so successful, we now have a following that travel with us every time we have one of these runs.

Our pace car provided by Greg Lilly/Underground Graphics

Attack of the Subies.

Mmmmmm. Burgers.

If you have one of these stickers, you're lucky, cause we will never have this sticker again.

John telling everyone not to moon people.

The contingents.

Ahhhh the friendships that were made during this trip...

G vs. G

Dat Green Ass

The Buc-ee's sign shows you what you can do in the bathroom

Baker Tuning was in the house

I'd be smiling too if I got to drive Greg's C63

Greg and I witnessed many sparks fly from underneath this car!

At our hotel in Ft. Worth.

Mikey puts the animal in animal style

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Event Coverage: Wek’Fest Ft. Worth Preview.

As I write this at 1am, i’m currently uploading a gig’s worth of photos which is only half of what I picked out. Danh, Khiem, and Mikey are still working on their photos, so I wanted to show a few pictures that we took to hold you guys over until we can make a proper post. Enjoy!

Thomas Pinai showing his son Kai the proper way to build a showstopper.

Thought I was kidding?

This was the line for the bathroom.

Holy crap! Look at the size of those earrings!

This SC had matching wheels and bike!

This SC however was showing under our booth. It suited our style, so we dug it.

meanwhile, we had Danny's S15 next to our booth as well

and Dennis' NSX finished out our all Japanese showing for Team MaydayGarage

We were selling our second run of serialized stickers, and shirts!

RC car drifting was much safer than the real deal in the convention center

Damn that's low

We saw a lot of ginormous wheels at Wek'Fest like these rotiforms on this kouki S14

Big wheels look right at home on this Vertex Ridge kitted SC.

You couldn't help but stop and stare at this GS

Mikey in creeper mode.

Danh trying out his new tilt shift lens on the best Honda in the show

OMG I want some nacho cheese with this.

More to come!

Random Snap: We iz tired.

We just made it home from a wild night of partying after Wek’Fest was over in Ft. Worth and waking up at the buttcrack of dawn to do a shoot in downtown Ft. Worth. After grabbing one last bite at In-N-Out and stopping at Buc-ees, we’re back at our homes and sorting through our pictures. I alone narrowed down 300 photos of the 800 I shot from this past weekend, and that’s not including our other shooters. Trust me when I say we have all angles covered from this weekend, and we plan to be the authority on event coverage in Texas.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of the fans that came up to either me or the Mayday tent and gave us so many compliments on how you guys love what we do. When we hear these things, it makes us work harder to bring you the stuff we do.

With that being said, I’ll leave this photo of me sleeping next to Dennis’ NSX in our booth. I had dozed off while editing photos and making the last post from yesterday on the cold concrete floor, but I’m awake now, so stay tuned for our coverage of Wek’Fest, it’ll be worth it.

Venn, you're a dick. Thanks!