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When we met the owner of Wek’Fest Texas’ Best of Show winner, Thomas Pinai, I thought his little boy Kai, was rather cute as he stood next to his daddy’s slammed GS. I asked if it were okay if our photographer Khiem could take a shot next to his car, and he agreed. Too bad Kai himself was rather bashful around our lenses, he would run back to mommy and daddy even after they tried tricking him multiple times with some delicious treats. We never did get “the shot” that I wanted, but what Khiem managed to get was even better than what I had planned. He caught a quick snap of Kai looking at rims as big as he was with papa Pinai right behind him, squatting down to both their levels.

Say hai to kai

The kid moved too fast for Khiem! He should look into doing Track and Field

This is what they call the "money shot"

Thomas sent me this picture of the picture he had made and framed which now sits right where it should be, in their home. This is pretty significant to me as I’ve seen many car tuners that are sometimes made to make the tough choice of giving up their cars for their families (as it should be), but in this situation, at least two loves of Thomas’ life are now captured in one epic picture.

This makes me all warm and tingly inside.

You’ll be seeing more of this car soon, as well as little Kai!

Max Res Mondays: Holy Jeebus.

Taken by Khiem at this past All-Team Bash 4, this Fancy red Lexus LS was sitting pretty along with the other Refined Elegance folk. You can’t tell in the picture, but it was about 104 degrees outside, and when you add in the wind chill factor, it comes out to be about 112 degrees. Texas is hot, but still not hotter than the cars, so remember that. As usual, click on the photo below to get your fix for your overly enormous screens.

Oh you fancy, huh?


I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Chelsea DeNofa, Gnarly Drift

Hailing from Seabrook (Houston Area), Tx comes BMW drifter Chelsea DeNofa. Chelsea, a Philly native, has been drifting across America since 2003. According to many of the interviews that we have given for Import Reactor Drift, it seems that Mr. DeNofa is the man to beat on April 1st. With a turbo charged electric money green BMW E36 M3, Chelsea too has a bit of weight that he will be bringing to the table.

Name: Chelsea DeNofa
Age: 21
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 5ft 11in
Blood Type: R for rad
Preference in Women: My Lovely lady friend

Gnarley Divinity

Gnarly Divinity