Max Res Mondays: SUPRAMN.

Straight from Tennessee to TX2K11, this balls out, show AND go supra was hard to miss. Rocking the Ridox carbon fiber body kit, this crazy blue Toyota Supra was our favorite Supra at TX2K11. Now’s your chance to grab the wallpaper version of this awesome ride.

Your display. Can't handle this.


Event Coverage: TX2K11 Night Meet and Bikini Contest.

Coffee and Cars happens every month, and it’s been getting bigger and bigger with each meeting. And if you’re a morning person, Coffee and Cars is definitely something you don’t want to miss, but what if you’re a night owl? Where do you turn to? What is THE meet to be? Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last few years, everyone that lives in Houston knows, you CANNOT miss the TX2K night meet hosted by HPD (Houston Performance Driving, not Houston Police Department!).

Pretty much my favorite car there. Yes, I like domestic cars.

Supras were the main stars at this event

Live music, Fast cars and hot scantily clad women. Heaven.

Mikey never disappoints.

If you're offended by half naked ladies, you should not be reading this

Event Coverage: TX2K11 Supra/GTR Nationals.

What started as a small, but high quality gathering of Toyota Supras at the old RSI on the west side of Houston nearly 10 years ago, has now become a full on, balls-to-the-wall, super, mega, ginormous, humangous sized, freakishly high horsepower meet. Did I leave anything out? Me and my roommate, fellow photographer Khiem, have made coming to TX2K events a yearly ritual, just like Christmas. Except with Christmas, I don’t have to request off of work to attend. TX2K11 spans across four action packed, crazy days of track, dyno, show, and drag at various venues. Khiem, owning a single turbo, 2JZ-GTE SC300, understands the need for high horsepower events that includes imports. So armed with our DSLR’s, we joined the 1000+ attendees on our favorite day, the TX2K11 dyno/show and shine day.

This Supra was absolute nuts.

So round and delicious, that ass never gets boring to see.

Two Jay Zee, no shit.