A Day at Import Face-Off.

It’s cold here in the NE. Not like blizzard cold, mind you, but cold enough where people just don’t plain drive their cars. If you’ve noticed recently, I haven’t put up much content from here in Maryland, and I’ve even posted two pictures of my daily car, the Miata, on the blog which isn’t something I would normally do. The reason? It’s freaking cold, man!

Joy's car attracted people like bugs to a light

Turbo's best AZN face

This SC was bangin'!

Chicken dinners for errrone

Nostalgic Wednesdays: The HKS Toyota Celica Drag Car.

In our new bit in automotive history, I wanted to remind a few people out there that before people were crazy about drift and time attack events, there was another automotive form of racing that’s still popular today – Drag racing. Back in the 90’s, it was all about tube chassis Honda Civics running on wheelie bars using H22’s from Preludes. But there was one car that set the bar for all things FWD, The HKS Drag Celica.

Pic by SuperStreet Mag

Event Coverage: TX2K10 Supra Nationals Dyno Day – Show’n’Shine

Sorry about the delay, but work was starting to pile up for me, and here we go!

The annual TX2K events in Houston is a tradition for myself and Khiem, our photographer. Earliest I can recall going to these events were back in 2002. The series of events happens over the course of 4 days, with each day being a little more different than the previous. Drag, Road course, 60 to 130 to name a few. Of all of the days, there is always one that I look forward to, and thats the Dyno Day and Show N Shine.

Ever seen so much tail?

Ever seen so much tail?