NorCal x SoCal x TX.

We recently had the pleasure of bringing some of the best photogs from California to Texas in time for TX2K14, and were able to watch these two monsters work their cameras. Every day, every morning, we would all meet up at 6:30am sharp at Catalina Coffee, and shoot 1-2 cars in the morning, get coffee, get lunch, crash out, wake up and meet again at Catalina Coffee at 5:30pm every night, everyday, and shoot 1-2 cars in the evening, then get coffee, get dinner, go out and race. Wash, rinse, repeat.

To say it was a hectic week would be an understatement. Trying to coordinate 14 photoshoots with two different photographer is not something I would ever want to do again -without coffee.

The legendary Linhbergh taking the most still shot of Khiem's FD every. Karissa is seen lurking.

John Zhang, aka 1013mm, taking a morning shot of Rob's E28

Here's Rob excited that he's illegally parked

Patrick Lauder, aka Quickworks Photo, is all smiles after seeing Tom's Engine bay.

Rob's car next to the Mayday Garage FD in front of El Real and The Hay Merchant.


JohnP talks to Patrick about their dream cars

JZ making Cody's Supercharged E36 look even better through his lens.

Patrick tests the air while Robert Lopez shoots Hugh's Lamborghini Super Leggera

Every night, it's freeway time. Karissa Hosek agrees.

The Dream Team

More photos to come,

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Event Coverage: Coffee and Cars, April Edition

Coffee and Cars, our monthly exotic fix of high end cars and enticement, occurred this past Saturday and was special in a couple of ways. First, it was the new venue that the event was being held at, Vintage Park, right outside of the north side of Houston. A large welcoming venue, with café’s and restaurants to entertain the crowd, seemed to be THE new home for the event. After a little bit of trouble finding a permanent spot, Jorge and Bill, the organizers of Houston’s Coffee and Cars chapter, hit a homerun on this one.

Dreary skies, light rain and 200% humidity were the welcoming factors for Saturday, definitely not turbo weather, I haven’t broken a sweat like that since before the winter started.

But Mother Nature’s forces didn’t keep the fans from coming out. There were EASILY 600 plus cars that came out which is a testament to the hunger that Houstonians have for great rides.

The New Home.

The New Home.