The Ultimate.

New cars are weird to us. On one hand, we love the design of new cars such as the BRZ, Camaro Z28, and Porsche Turbo S, and on the other, we HATE the size of the new BRZ, Camaro Z28 and Porsche Turbo S. It’s all personal tastes though. They just don’t make badass cars like the Ferrari F40 anymore. Or do they? There hasn’t been another Ferrari that’s touched us like the 458 Italia has. It’s organic, flowing body lines combined with the low and wide stance and proper Ferrari grunt has made us fall in love with the car. Oh, and it drives like a bat out of hell too.

This car is LOW

Last week we got a chance to check out a special 458 Challenge car brought to us by Ferrari of Houston and we were immediately drawn to it. It arrived on a flatbed (racecar) without any type of livery or decals, so to some, it looked like a bonafide street car. A street car with a giant adjustable wing, front dry carbon splitter, center locking race weels, all carbon interior and one loud ass motor. So maybe not so street car-ish, but still cool to see this race edition 458 without any kind of badging.

That Ferrari Lexan window makes our shots trippy

Oh lawd.

Almost better than yoga pants

No, that's not NOS

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

More Than We Can Afford.

Although we consider ourselves Ricers, some of us do like exotics too. What once plastered our bedroom walls with dream exotics along with TMNT and scantily clad women posters is now something we can look at in person and appreciate as an adult thanks to things like Houston Cars & Coffee.

This past Cars & Coffee, we were treated with both new and old Ferrari’s along with Ferrari race cars, and luckily, we managed to snap off a few photos.

Ahhh the Ferrari 458 Italia...


Now THAT is a crowd.

The white Speedlines on this F355 were so brilliant against the Ferrari Red

The KING of the street.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

More Photoshoots and Ricebox.

More photo dumping of Behind-The-Scenes with John Zhang and Patrick Lauder as seen through the eyes of Mayday Garage!

JZ, Danh, Christine and overly dressed Dennis check out the Turbo RX-8

Dennis tries to give Pat a wet willy

John does not look like this because it's early in the morning. Because Asian.

Patrick takes a nap in between shots.

Before shooting this Tesla Model S, we wanted to check out our posts (or porn).

1013mm setting up that shot of the Ferrari 599

DSLR, Video Cam, iPhone 5S, Ferrari 599. Also, JZ is NOT sitting on a chair.

JZ sets up the next shot while Danh looks at Christy Mack fleshlights online.

The view of Tom's S2000 from inside of The Ricebox on Ricer Wednesdays

There is entirely too much rice for one picture here.

More to come.
Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Quick Post: Re:Vision Holiday Car Meet.

So on my quest to find cool cars and meets here in the state of Maryland, my newfound friend Danny Rodman (the guy with the really awesome MX83 Cressida from 100 drifters of December), told me of a meet this past Friday in Rockville, MD, just a little outside of Washington D.C. Although I got there a tad late, there was still a small group of cars outside of this shop despite the frigid weather.
Variety was the thing to take from this meet as the cars ranged from Domestics, to VIP rides, to drift cars, to even high end exotics and electric cars, there was something for everyone.

I saw a small handful of cool cars but I couldn’t take many pictures of them because they were outside in the darkest of parking lots. I was hoping there’d be a little smidgen of light outside, but alas, I wasn’t so lucky. I did manage to take a few photos, but I won’t go into detail about this meet. I’m praying that car meets in Maryland aren’t in pitch black conditions like this one, cause it’s really hard to convey what goes on when you can’t even see your own hands!

Four door luxury car or two door sports car?

Pretty rare first gen All Trac with a weird looking second gen RC hood

You'd think I was at a brothel with how pink these lights were.

Inside the actual shop, people kept warm and checked out some local rides.

A very tidy S13 SR motor resides in this Sil-Eighty.

**insert GoldMember reference**

This S13 was very clean both in and out.

Tesla making it's rounds.

Seems kinda odd to see a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale next to a bunch of imports.


Till next time!


Event Coverage: Coffee and Cars, April Edition

Coffee and Cars, our monthly exotic fix of high end cars and enticement, occurred this past Saturday and was special in a couple of ways. First, it was the new venue that the event was being held at, Vintage Park, right outside of the north side of Houston. A large welcoming venue, with café’s and restaurants to entertain the crowd, seemed to be THE new home for the event. After a little bit of trouble finding a permanent spot, Jorge and Bill, the organizers of Houston’s Coffee and Cars chapter, hit a homerun on this one.

Dreary skies, light rain and 200% humidity were the welcoming factors for Saturday, definitely not turbo weather, I haven’t broken a sweat like that since before the winter started.

But Mother Nature’s forces didn’t keep the fans from coming out. There were EASILY 600 plus cars that came out which is a testament to the hunger that Houstonians have for great rides.

The New Home.

The New Home.

Nostalgic Wednesday: THE FERRARI 288 GTO Evoluzione

the Evoluzione Project

the evoluzione project

I don’t know where to start, but I will say that the Ferrari F40 is just too awesome in epic proportions of all time!!! (Insert Kanye West). A car that needs no introduction is the F40, for the car itself is already an introduction.  Rated by many automotive enthusiasts as one of the greatest super cars ever built. The F40 was the last car commissioned by the late Enzo Ferrari, built to celebrate 40 years of production at Maranello.

born to be wild

To most, the F40 is the titan of Ferraris, the late Enzo’s last hurrah, his Mona Lisa! Sorry to break hearts but, as much as I adore the F40, it is a rehash of our today’s Nostalgic Wednesday topic. I know it’s a bold statement to say but it is a known fact that the F40 was built as a downgraded road worthy version of the 288 GTO Evoluzione.