Happy New Year!

We just wanted to say Happy New Years to all of our friends, family, fans, and followers! 2012 and 2013 were a little rough for us, but 2014 we have set some clear goals for us here at Mayday Garage, and for real for real, we will start selling shirts and stickers ASAP, so look for that super soon. We have also set some personal goals for both ourselves as people, but also for our own cars. We will also be getting back into photography (more seriously) this year and will try to bring you some dope stuff as seen through our lenses. At some point, you will see some small changes on the site, and hopefully resolve our issues with making the site tablet/iPad friendly. We have many changes planned, hopefully for the best, and we want to remind you that we are here to stay for the long haul.

Oh, and also, we’d like to remind you that today is the first day of legally owning and driving the Nissan Skyline R32 (1989) in the states! HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FROM TEAM MAYDAY GARAGE!!

Doesn't take much to make a bold statement with an R32 GTR. Photo by Mark Strachan of Towside Photography

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Smoky Does Houston: Top Secret Dyno Tuning Day 3.

Wednesday was the last day for Smoky Nagata to dyno tune the last batch of Nissans in Houston which happened to be open to the public as well. Fans from all over stopped by Secret Services Auto to see the legend doing what he does best.

The guys from Baker-Jackson with Nagata san strike a pose

The guys from Baker-Jackson with Nagata san strike a pose

Smoky Does Houston: Top Secret Dyno Tuning Day 2.

As I write this post at 3am, I had just got back from Secret Services Auto about an hour away from where I stay. The dyno sessions are going well, and Smoky is relentless, and a true perfectionist when it comes to tuning. As soon as Nagata-san arrives to Secret Services, he puts on his game face and gets to work. He is a tuning machine!

Dammit Smoky! I told you! I cant read Japanese!

Dammit Smoky! I told you! I can't read Japanese!

Event Coverage: TX2K10 Supra Nationals Track Day

Every year, me and Khiem make the trek to the Horsepower holy land called TX2K, which luckily for us, is right here in our own backyard. Houston plays home to this annual event where nuts are flexed by way of dyno numbers, drag and track times. The Toyota Supra, the modern day muscle car of the import world, takes center stage as the rest of the nation looks on to see who’s on top for this year.

Who says Supras are only dyno queens?

Who says Supras are only dyno queens?