Smoky Does Houston: Top Secret Dyno Tuning Day 2.

As I write this post at 3am, I had just got back from Secret Services Auto about an hour away from where I stay. The dyno sessions are going well, and Smoky is relentless, and a true perfectionist when it comes to tuning. As soon as Nagata-san arrives to Secret Services, he puts on his game face and gets to work. He is a tuning machine!

Dammit Smoky! I told you! I cant read Japanese!

Dammit Smoky! I told you! I can't read Japanese!

Destined For Greatness: 3 370Z’s Prepare for the Arrival of Top Secret

Secret Services Auto was surrounded by 370z’s last thursday as Planet Zero, Swat Performance and Baker-Jackson Nissan were dynoing their Nissan 370Z’s in preparation for Smoky Nagata’s (of Top Secret Japan fame) arrival and tune starting on March 29th, just in time before Import Reactor Unlimited. I must have counted 5 or 6 370z’s that day in front of the shop, three of which sported a small “Top Secret” decal on the rear window.

On the rollers

On the rollers