Smoky Does Houston: Top Secret Dyno Tuning Day 2.

As I write this post at 3am, I had just got back from Secret Services Auto about an hour away from where I stay. The dyno sessions are going well, and Smoky is relentless, and a true perfectionist when it comes to tuning. As soon as Nagata-san arrives to Secret Services, he puts on his game face and gets to work. He is a tuning machine!

Dammit Smoky! I told you! I cant read Japanese!

Dammit Smoky! I told you! I can't read Japanese!

Houston: Texas VIP Style movement

At a recent car show I attended, I spotted this G35 that I had to take pictures of. TunerlifestyleTV hosted this show and of all the cars at the show, there was one team that stood out from the rest, Refined Elegance. For those of you outside of Houston, Refined Elegance is a local group of luxury-minded enthusiasts who show hard with their VIP-inspired rides.

Funny how many people from different states think that only Cali knows how to build VIP styled cars. Not true. A perfect example is Zeem’s (aka KalvinMaui) 2007 Infiniti G35 sedan. The car was originally black, but an intricate color change to a very cool Lexus IS350 Glacier Frost Mica brings out all of the smooth flowing lines of the G35. The car is slammed thanks to the air ride and compliments the Leon Hardiritts perfectly. The rear fenders were subtly widened to accommodate the larger wheels without any issues.
This car is an awesome of example of planning and execution done right.

Zeems Super Slammed G35 Sedan

Zeem's Super Slammed G35 Sedan

Full res pic HERE.
For more information on Zeem’s car and Refined Elegance, visit