TA22 Celicas at the Box Office.

So if any of you gearheads have watched Rush, the movie about the rivalry between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda, you may or may not have seen the two classic TA22 Celicas at the end of the final race. What intrigues me is not the fact that these Celicas were thrown in because it was a Japanese Grand Prix, but because they are either real immaculate JDM cars, or someone on that Movie set understood the importance of having authentic looking Japanese Celicas complete with “Smiley” bumpers and other JDM accents. Check out the screencap.

The Celica Coupe duos

Dat chrome bumper doe!

If you loved Senna, check out Rush!

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Nostalgic Wednesdays: The HKS Toyota Celica Drag Car.

In our new bit in automotive history, I wanted to remind a few people out there that before people were crazy about drift and time attack events, there was another automotive form of racing that’s still popular today – Drag racing. Back in the 90’s, it was all about tube chassis Honda Civics running on wheelie bars using H22’s from Preludes. But there was one car that set the bar for all things FWD, The HKS Drag Celica.

Pic by SuperStreet Mag

One Man’s JDM Junk is Another Team’s Treasure: GarageZero

When me and JohnP set out to fly to Atlanta, GA and cover Formula D, our main goal was to give our readers a view of what goes on, seeing that Formula D hasn’t been to Texas since forever. In our travels, we meet some really cool people, and really cool cars all with the same passion. Some people are into Drag, some Drift, some AutoX, and some just like to look good, so variety is definitely out there. Enthusiasts nowadays have different weapons at their disposal, whether it be AWD Mitsu’s, FF Hondas or RWD GenCoupes, there’s plenty of cars to choose from.

Green is the new black.