Nostalgic Wednesdays: 1992 Japanese Drag.

This week we are a little busy here in Houston with this damn thing called work, so, for this week’s Nostalgic Wednesday I am going to touch briefly on this hella old drag clip I found on Youtube from the RRC Drag Festival in 1992 featured in Option video #21. Man, some of the styling in this video is completely out of control. Raised asses, dumped fronts, and mullets were in full effect.

One thing that I think is really cool about this era is that there are Japanese teams that also touched on American Top Fuel Drag, bad ass. Check out the “shorty at 2:39 of pt. 2, dayum! Another thing as well, back me up here, but is that a Yakuza manager at 6:51 & 7:07 of that Corvette funny car? Because he sticks out like a mother with those glasses and slicked back hair, madness.

Sit back, veg out and enjoy some old school drag and cool hair.



1998: 0-400m Battle, 1000hp No Problem!

Plenty of familiar faces in this 12 year old Option clip. It’s funny, 1000hp + checks on RBs in 1998 and people in America are still getting hardons with 1000bhp Supras years later. Not hating on the Supra guys, but it would be nice to see them move on from being dyno queens…/rant. I love these old 400m battle videos, the damn Skylines squat and jump out of the hole like MaydayDavid chasing Tuesday .99 Popeye’s fried chicken. FAST!

— JohnP

Nostalgic Wednesdays: The HKS Toyota Celica Drag Car.

In our new bit in automotive history, I wanted to remind a few people out there that before people were crazy about drift and time attack events, there was another automotive form of racing that’s still popular today – Drag racing. Back in the 90’s, it was all about tube chassis Honda Civics running on wheelie bars using H22’s from Preludes. But there was one car that set the bar for all things FWD, The HKS Drag Celica.

Pic by SuperStreet Mag