So Mellow.

Although there were MANY cars at All Team Bash in Rosenberg a few weeks ago, there were only a small handful of cars that caught my eye. This yellow CRX was definitely one that stood out from the rest. It’s small, petite, boxy stature reminds us of a time where it wasn’t about having lots of turbocharged horsepower, it was about it’s nimbleness, it’s ability to zip in and around traffic and be constantly engaged in the drive, something a lot of modern cars took away with it’s stability/traction controls, paddle shifters and electronic suspension. It was built in a time when having a small, lightweight car was what people wanted, and to this day, I still want one.

One of the classics, the 2nd generation CRX will always have a place in Import history

The Japanese Si-R front end makes the CRX a little more aggressive with it's hood, vented front bumper and bigger headlights

We really liked the wheel choice here.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

I.R. Drift Driver Profile: Victor Sun, Silent But Deadly.

Before you start making fart noises and jokes because of my less than funny tagline, know that Victor Sun is a rising star right here in Texas. Victor has been drifting since 2006, but actually started drifting in California where most of the US based drifting comes from. In Cali, he attended numerous Drift Day events, and even started his own Drift group, 626 Drift Crew.

Name: Victor Sun
Height: 5 ft 11 in (it seems everyone that drifts is this height)
Weight: 225 lbs.
Bloodtype: O type
Preference in Women: Sexy sexy sexy legs

Who woulda thought an itchy crotch would be such a great profile pic?

Who woulda thought an itchy crotch would be such a great profile pic?