Event Coverage: Wek’Fest Pre-Meet at Baker Tuning part 2.

In part one of our coverage, I just posted a bunch of pictures, cause I was just wanting to throw out a small portion of our pictures before the internet got flooded with others.

So now I’m gonna throw out a LOT more photos so our readers can see what went down.

Ronald's 1JZ powered FD was turning all sorts of heads

And here they started to roll in and it wasn't even time for meet to start!

The Powerful and Fabulous PowerFab G35. All show, and all Go.

Yes, people weren't just sitting by their cars...

The Strictly G'z crew showed up in strong numbers.

If you guessed this FD had a non-rotary motor, you guessed right.

The crowd listens as JohnP calls out Bingo Balls.

Jk. He was calling out names in our free raffle for swag, but on weekends JohnP does play Bingo

Wek-Fest 2010: A Preview

This past weekend we ventured out to California to check out Wek-Fest in Japantown, San Francisco.  When we heard that this show consisted of Nor-Cal’s finest, we really did not know what to expect, the anxiety was killing us the whole way to San Fran.  With us being from Houston all we could hope for was what has come to us in blog features or what hits the magazine stands. We were sure in for a surprise though, not only were expectations met, but they were surpassed.  These crews rolled out hard, and I sure as hell cannot remember the last time a tuner show I went to had that level of energy, it was damn impressive.

No room for the Wek.