In part one of our coverage, I just posted a bunch of pictures, cause I was just wanting to throw out a small portion of our pictures before the internet got flooded with others.

So now I’m gonna throw out a LOT more photos so our readers can see what went down.

Ronald's 1JZ powered FD was turning all sorts of heads

And here they started to roll in and it wasn't even time for meet to start!

The Powerful and Fabulous PowerFab G35. All show, and all Go.

Yes, people weren't just sitting by their cars...

The Strictly G'z crew showed up in strong numbers.

If you guessed this FD had a non-rotary motor, you guessed right.

The crowd listens as JohnP calls out Bingo Balls.

Jk. He was calling out names in our free raffle for swag, but on weekends JohnP does play Bingo

If you’ve been following us for some time, you know that Andrew has been flying out to Cali to attend multiple Wek’Fest events and even our own JohnP and Mayday Mikey have flown out to Japantown, CA to see what the commotion was all about. When Andrew flew out this last time to Wek’Fest in California, he had heard some rumors that Wek’Fest may take it’s tour out of it’s homebase in Cali and hit up TX. Now it’s true, we are not that big into shows but the guys at Wek’Sos have a different take on “shows” and they consider them mainly to be meets to show off the quality of cars in their area. We like that idea, so when we heard for sure that Wek’Fest would be held in Dallas, TX, we were 100% for it. It’s been a long time since a big nationwide show has rolled through Texas, and it’s high time we show the world what kind of cars Texas has.

Andrew looks on to figure out which beast he wants to shoot with his iPhone

FREE FOOD! Thanks Baker Tuning!

100lbs of Fajita meat lasted roughly one hour. No joke.

One fast hatch

With brakes to match. We definitely like that.

Speaking of which, there was quite an abundant supply to go around.

Z32 Twin Turbo on some polished Work CR Kai's? YES

I want some nachos all of the sudden.

JohnP excited about the news that he could fit in a Mini Cooper

Kratez Crew doing what they do best, moving crowds

One interesting thing happened with the announcement of Wek’Fest however. When Wek’Sos announced that the official date would be October 23rd, a sunday, at the Dallas Convention Center, many local Houston car enthusiasts were left to make a decision between attending the Wek’Fest show that sunday, or attend Import Face-Off in Baytown, TX on that very same day. Some people were torn as to what to do, and many chose a side on local car forums. The guys at Wek’Sos decided to do what was best for all parties involved and a few weeks later, had announced that they would be moving the date to October 15th, a saturday, to Dallas’ sister city, Fort Worth, TX at the Ft. Worth Convention Center. This news took the local community by surprise as most people, including myself, would never think that a large show such as Wek’Fest would even listen to one car forum and make such a drastic change. Many people were grateful for the change of dates, and now we had a venue that everyone could show up to.

It's all about the stance, bro

This guy gets it.


Oh snap, Canibeat's photog, Stephen Frames in the house

A very clean Honda S2000 CR

Clearly, there were a lot of videographers out at the Pre Meet.

Autrey selling air freshners out of his trunk

VW's had quite a showing as well

For many young and even older tuners, they had never even heard of Wek’Fest since it’s never been around our Texas area, so to introduce themselves, the guys at Wek’Fest decided to host a Pre-Meet event in Texas, sort of a way to kick things off. Kenneth Li from Wek’Sos Industries reached out to both JohnP and Danh for a little help in this department. JohnP looked to the guys at Baker Tuning, a local tuning shop that works on a lot of GT-R’s here in Texas that just so happens to have lots of space for us to have our meet. After things were locked into place, we made the call that we would be having the Wek’Fest Pre-Meet in 6 days. That wasn’t much notice for a lot of people, so we were really relying on our readers and fans to spread the word quickly enough to get some hype going for the meet.

Tiffany defending the free swag with her life.

"See that photographer over there? Yeah, he's got your money, I don't have it. Now if you'll excuse me..."

I see this guy everywhere


I asked Venn how he felt about Filipino women.

I would LOVE to know what was going through her head.

It seemed to work as my phone blew the eff up from texts from people I rarely ever heard from asking for details on this “Mayday Meet”. It looks like we may have made a name for ourselves in hosting meets, but the real heroes of the success of the event goes to Baker Tuning, who generously gave us their backlot, 100lbs of fajita meat, water, sodas, the DJ’s from Kratez Crew, tents, lights and everything else that made the meet flow so well.

The Kratez Crew

something very odd about this FD, and it wasn't just the one white headlight cover.

Wait a sec...

Ah. That's it. (it was the red hood pins)

Sheesh! This guy wasn't playing around.

I'm sure he's compensating for something...

Very yellow. Very mellow.

I asked him for a shirt...

He said no.

That's one low Lancer...

A clean and simple Suby on TE's. LIKE.

At any moment, they could break out in a number.

But it wasn’t without a few scares. Despite the drought throughout Texas, the ONE day it rained was this particular saturday. From the late morning on, it was raining in all different parts of Houston, and our very own meet was threatened by Mother Nature, which was a mixed blessing. On one hand, we didn’t want the rain for fear that nobody would show up, and on the other, we desperately needed the precipitation. It looks like Mother Nature spared us, cause about an hour before our meet started at 6pm, it had stopped completely raining. With the roads quickly drying up, the cars began to pour in. The spots filled in rather quickly, and before you could blink, 6pm was here, and already we had a full lot.

Can't have a slammed car without stickers

Oh Venn, you mimic, you.

We'll be shooting this G8 pretty soon

This older Z was turning heads and I don't think I saw one person NOT look at it.

It's got a face only a mother could love.

Only the good stuff

RTran Photography in the house!

Recent feature Dennis made it last minute after some having some brake line issues

We didn't care about his brake issues, only our sticker. JK

Late night meeting

Mugen Si

Dat Benz

The mood was very chill, no burnouts, no revving, no riceboy (the negative term) antics, just a lot of human interaction as enthusiasts didn’t just sit by their cars in a fold out chair, they actually were mixing and mingling with others. There were no cliques or groups that were isolating themselves, which to me, was very surprising. The music spun by DJ Tito and the Kratez Crew set the mood with the latest electronic and house mixes. Everyone got a chance to check out the Baker Tuning cars including a RHD Silvia with matching Honda Ruckus, a twin turbo Powerhouse Amuse 370Z, and a gang of newly tuned GT-R’s. Brent Villareal debuted his highly anticipated JGTC inspired widebody NSX by having his car front and center of the meet next to a few PowerFab heavy hitters.

Snappin' necks faster than Bruce Lee

One crazy wide fender

This car reminds me of the Snorks.

Brent's best DAT ASS face. Needs moar biting down on the lower lip.

There was also a very strong showing of both Nissan Z’s and Infiniti G’s at the meet, all lined up next to each other and facing each other as if they were about to take part in a civil war. Also in attendance was a small group of Toyota MR2’s and a handful of Acura NSX’s. It was very cool to see so many different makes and models of cars make our little event including a Mazda Protege on RPF1’s, a 2JZGTE Cressida, a 1JZGTE RX-7, and even the brand new 2012 Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

To anyone else, this may be a joke, but I liked it.

Asad's MX83

3 G's worth

All by himself.

White poweerrrrrrrr

hmmm. A G on TE37 SL's? Nice.

Two really wicked G's.

This one was extremely clean and tasteful..

This bagged one was also really crazy with it's chosen parts.

Carbon Fiber wheels and "illest" brakes? I wonder how Mark feels about this

The guy was clearly fond of the Fatlace Brand

We were also giving out free swag donated by the guys at Wek’Sos including a butt ton of stickers, license plate frames and T-Shirts. Mayday Garage even gave away some swag too including stickers and more importantly, for the first time ever, our never before sold to the public T-Shirts. Since we didn’t have a thousand shirts, we decided the best thing to do was to have a raffle (free, of course), and hand out everything that we had. If you didn’t get a T-Shirt or Sticker, don’t fret, we’ll be selling them soon. We’ll also be selling a few at our booth at the actual Wek’Fest event in Ft. Worth, so make sure to stop by our booth!

A line of Z's.

Paul helping JohnP with his reading skills.

Signing up for free stuff only takes 15 seconds.

This shirt winner gets double points for sporting a TX2K9 shirt

This lady gets double points for telling John that he's disgusting after trying to ask her for her number.

Plenty for everyone

A blue EVO in the wild

A Canon 5D, nice choice!

Baker Tuning Ruckus

Our photographer Khiem swears one day he'll buy a new 370Z

We had so many cars show up, people were parking everywhere around

I spy an old Mayday sticker. I need to give this guy a newer version.

Into the night...

This brand new Porsche 911 GT2 RS showed up to play as well.

Noooooo! Don't leave me!

We hope everyone had a great time, and from reading the local forum boards, it seems the Pre-Meet was a runaway success! I have yet to read a negative comment about the meet, which is crazy! We also hope that this appetizer gets people hungry and hyped for our main course, the Wek’Fest Event at the Fort Worth Convention Center on October 15th! Big shout out to Brad Baker, Paul Morgan, Jason Langley, and all of the Baker Tuning guys for the venue and food/drinks, DJ Tito and the Kratez Crew, Fatlace, Wek’Sos Industries, and everyone else who made this possible!

I liked the Blitz wheels on this RSX

Words to live by

Greg Lilly scoping out the rides

Stunner Status.

The MR2's out in full effect.

Oh how I love the 3SGTE motors...

Old and new (well... sorta new)

This Integra is oh so low

Princeton's Porsche shows up courtesy of Jason Herrera and Shami

And Princeton himself shows up himself in his "daily" S2000! You'll be seeing this car a little later, trust us.

Fresh from New York too.

Stevie getting back into the game in the Civic after a long hiatus

white on white crime

The NSX's were out.

So sexy.

Think this is over? Hardly. There’s one more thing… We will be also hosting the Lonestar Run, a mass car caravan from Houston to Ft. Worth on Friday, October 14th, the day before Wek’Fest at 10am! If you’ve ever been to one of our Capital Runs, then you know it’s a blast to drive with your car enthusiast brethren on this 5 hour drive! More details will follow next week as JohnP makes the formal announcement right here on MaydayGarage!

You'll be seeing more of this guy on the Lonestar Run, our massive car caravan from Houston to Ft. Worth!

Baker Tuning

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