This past weekend we ventured out to California to check out Wek-Fest in Japantown, San Francisco.  When we heard that this show consisted of Nor-Cal’s finest, we really did not know what to expect, the anxiety was killing us the whole way to San Fran.  With us being from Houston all we could hope for was what has come to us in blog features or what hits the magazine stands. We were sure in for a surprise though, not only were expectations met, but they were surpassed.  These crews rolled out hard, and I sure as hell cannot remember the last time a tuner show I went to had that level of energy, it was damn impressive.

No room for the Wek.

Without getting into too much detail about our tourism activities on Saturday, I will say that the first place you need to go when hitting Japantown in SF is Fatlace, followed by a bad ass noodle house called Tanpopo for some incredible ramen.  Now, with that being said we ate, drank, ate, and drank some more all day Saturday and were pretty tired by the time night called.  When we got back to the hotel I do remember setting my alarm for 8:30AM, but that sleep was ended at 6:00 due to the sound of exhausts and scrapping frames were surrounding the hotel. This was the call of Wek-Fest.

7:00AM, People are ready to play

7:15AM, quite the wake up call

I looked over at Mayday Mikey and said, “grab the gear”, downstairs we ran and to our surprise people were already starting to line the streets.  The feeling in the air was pretty intense as the cars that were roaming the street meant serious business.

Balls out.

Lining up

As we were randomly snapping pictures in the street, we walked down to grab some coffee and low and behold our good friend, Antonio Alvendia from was in the middle of doing a shoot of Calvin Wan’s S14.   It was good to see Antonio, he is one real ass mofo, and helped us out a TON over the weekend.  It was also our first time to meet Calvin Wan in person too.

Antonio looks on as Wolf Reign and Calvin Wan position the car

For those that do not know, Calvin has been involved in drifting in America for over 10 years, and currently drives professionally for Team Falken in the Formula D series.  Allister Capati from Objectify was with Calvin, whom with, developed one DOPE ass drifting game for the I-phone called Drift SUMI-E.  Fun as game, you can get it here.

Allister and Calvin Wan, Drift Sumi-E Crew

Another group of awesome was Wolf Reign, a local drift crew from Nor-Cal.  These guys rolled hard, hella low, caged, daily drifters. Really cool cats, we are lucky to have met them and I cannot wait to get back to do some night drifting with them as well!

Wolf Reign

So we kicked it a bit, shot some photos and stared on as the lines of cars started to pile up around the block trying to get into the parking garage.  It was crazy the amount of diversity that sat in the bunch.  One moment you have a VIP aristo, followed by a completely Voltexed out EVO, and then creeps up a vintage Datsun wagon laying frame at 30 mph on Post blvd, shit was wild.

So Hard

I am not kidding when I say the line was EASILY over 2,000 people consistently for the first 2 hours of the show, and by the time we left at 3:30pm the line still had over 5-700 people.  Fortunately with the help of Calvin we were able to get into the show slightly ahead of start time so we could get some pictures off before the masses infiltrated the garage.  Thanks again for your help Calvin.

Stay Tuned!

Sit tight for the indoor coverage of Wek-Fest as we finish up unloading all of our pictures, it has seriously be a LONG 48 hours.  We’ll have more pictures up over the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

— JohnP

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