Video Preview: Henry’s NSX.

At MaydayGarage, we take pride in our photography, but I’d be telling a lie if I were to say that we didn’t enjoy video. As we have recently upgraded our lenses and computers, we are going to try to dabble in a little bit of video as well. With that being said, we have recruited a new member to the MaydayGarage Team, Newton Liu.

As Khiem and DFan were out doing their rounds with Henry’s NSX, we had invited Newton to join us on the shoot and just play around with some video. Here is the result.

Henry Kosasih’s Sorcery Widebody Acura NSX from newton on Vimeo.

Not too shabby for just “playing around” eh? We hope to include more and more videos to add to our media portfolio, and this is just the beginning. Next month is going to be an eventful month, and we have all hands on deck to bring you the freshest features and event coverage from the Lone Star state!


OTWeb Video: MotorMavens/Justin Shreeve Films FD Finale.

Storming the interwebs this past week is a video released by MotorMavens and Justin Shreeve Films that has been shared again and again all over car forums and Facebook. This drift video filmed by none other than Justin Shreeve is exactly the type of videos I love, the type of drift video where you get to hear all of the sounds made by the cars- the tires squealing, the crowd cheering, crash crunching sound that a lot of other videos seem to dub over with rock or techno music.

Sit back and watch.

MotorMavens | Formula Drift Finale | Irwindale from Justin Shreeve on Vimeo.


Quick Vid: MaydayGarage @ FormulaD.

I’m still gathering everyones final photos, and have been editing photos for the past 10 hours straight, but in the meantime, check out this short vid I compiled using the small clips recorded from two of our photographers, Khiem and D_Fan when they weren’t busying clicking off photos.

Note: I made this video in all but 15 minutes, so cut me some slack!
It’s in HD if you big screen guys want to watch it in full screen.

MaydayGarage does Formula D @ Irwindale from MayDay DavidD on Vimeo.


OTWeb Video: Pagani Zonda.

You guys may already know i’m a stickler for a well made car video. With that being said, check out this video from Pagani:
(Video tip: you really have to watch this bad boy in 1080p full screen)

More info from Pagani:
“On the occasion of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the “Frecce Tricolori”, Pagani Automobili created the Zonda Tricolore as a tribute to the National Aerobatic Team.

In 2010 the aerobatic season of the Frecce Tricolori comes to its 50th anniversary, wich will be celebrated on 11th and 12th September at Rivolto Airport (info:

The Frecce Tricolori (Italian, literally Tricolour Arrows), officially known as the 313th Aerobatic Training Squadron is the demonstration team of the Italian Air Force, based at Rivolto Air Force Base, in the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, province of Udine. They were formed in 1961 as an Air Force team, replacing previous teams that had been sponsored by various commands by the end of the 1920s.

The team flies the Aermacchi MB-339-A/PAN, a two-seat aircraft capable of 898 km/h at sea level, with nine aircraft and a solo (the highest number of aircraft of any aerobatic team in the world).

The Frecce Tricolori belong to the legacy of the entire italian community.”


OTWeb Video: Lowriders.

Just to be clear, pretty much all of us here at MaydayGarage enjoy all different types of motorsports. Be it NASCAR, D1GP, Rally or the JGTC, we love all types of cars. With that being said, we also enjoy Lowriders, something that’s more of a culture than it is just a style. This video does a good job showing how that lifestyle is from one point of view. Special guest star: Machete!

Danny Trejo aka Machete lowriding with Mister Cartoon from SA Studios Global on Vimeo.