Video Preview: Henry’s NSX.

At MaydayGarage, we take pride in our photography, but I’d be telling a lie if I were to say that we didn’t enjoy video. As we have recently upgraded our lenses and computers, we are going to try to dabble in a little bit of video as well. With that being said, we have recruited a new member to the MaydayGarage Team, Newton Liu.

As Khiem and DFan were out doing their rounds with Henry’s NSX, we had invited Newton to join us on the shoot and just play around with some video. Here is the result.

Henry Kosasih’s Sorcery Widebody Acura NSX from newton on Vimeo.

Not too shabby for just “playing around” eh? We hope to include more and more videos to add to our media portfolio, and this is just the beginning. Next month is going to be an eventful month, and we have all hands on deck to bring you the freshest features and event coverage from the Lone Star state!