Khiem’s FD3S ver. 2.1

This past Saturday night, we had the pleasure of working with James Evins, aka Dreams x Machines, on taking a few fun photos. James has worked with us in the past, and we would consider him to be one of the top photographers in Texas for sure. He hasn’t shot much automotive content as he used to, but if you give him a camera and a lens, it’s fun to watch him work.

Khiem just recently bought some new Gram Light 57DR’s for his FD3S RX-7 and had a chance to finally lower it after Danny rolled the rear fenders. So what better way to capture how the car looks than letting James take a shot of it? In this photo, light was non existent, no speedlites/strobes were used, just a Canon 5D mk3 and a Canon 85L 1.2.

Booja/Khiem's FD

BONUS SHOT! Khiem killing a double double

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

OTWeb Video: Canon vs. Nikon.

Cats vs. Dogs, Ford vs. Chevy, Subaru vs. Mitsubishi, Mac vs. PC, Redskins vs. Cowboys. It seems everyone is divided when it comes to choosing a side in many debates. Another debate that seems to get a lot of “exposure” (like what I did there?) is the eternal Canon vs. Nikon war. War seems like a fitting description. Enjoy the video.

It’s a great thing that here at Mayday Garage, we don’t discriminate. We use both camera systems. We are extremely open to different types of cameras and also cars. Maybe that’s why we get along so well?


Random Snaps: Fo Hunded millie.

So Canon USA let our photographer Danh borrow a lens of his choice. Danh’s mentality was to get a lens he would never be able to justify spending the money on. What did he get? The elusive 400mm 2.8 IS L behemoth. This lens is typically for bird watchers, but not in our hands…. So what is our ace photographer Khiem shooting? Find out next week!

Overkill? Maybe. Badass? Definitely.

What's on the other side of that lens??

We also bathe together


Quick Vid: MaydayGarage @ FormulaD.

I’m still gathering everyones final photos, and have been editing photos for the past 10 hours straight, but in the meantime, check out this short vid I compiled using the small clips recorded from two of our photographers, Khiem and D_Fan when they weren’t busying clicking off photos.

Note: I made this video in all but 15 minutes, so cut me some slack!
It’s in HD if you big screen guys want to watch it in full screen.

MaydayGarage does Formula D @ Irwindale from MayDay DavidD on Vimeo.