The Ultimate.

New cars are weird to us. On one hand, we love the design of new cars such as the BRZ, Camaro Z28, and Porsche Turbo S, and on the other, we HATE the size of the new BRZ, Camaro Z28 and Porsche Turbo S. It’s all personal tastes though. They just don’t make badass cars like the Ferrari F40 anymore. Or do they? There hasn’t been another Ferrari that’s touched us like the 458 Italia has. It’s organic, flowing body lines combined with the low and wide stance and proper Ferrari grunt has made us fall in love with the car. Oh, and it drives like a bat out of hell too.

This car is LOW

Last week we got a chance to check out a special 458 Challenge car brought to us by Ferrari of Houston and we were immediately drawn to it. It arrived on a flatbed (racecar) without any type of livery or decals, so to some, it looked like a bonafide street car. A street car with a giant adjustable wing, front dry carbon splitter, center locking race weels, all carbon interior and one loud ass motor. So maybe not so street car-ish, but still cool to see this race edition 458 without any kind of badging.

That Ferrari Lexan window makes our shots trippy

Oh lawd.

Almost better than yoga pants

No, that's not NOS

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

E-Dirty Six. Coffee and Rice edition.

From this morning’s shindig, this E36 M3 was staring at us with it’s track like, but simple style and street low looks. Actually, there were many BMW’s this morning. Here’s our favorite.

"Nostalgic" Mark cleaning his wet spot on his pants...

Good thing Washington Ave is slammed car friendly

More photos (promise) to come.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Quickie: H2Oi FD3S

Yes, we know there are a lot of things going on in the car world every weekend of the calendar, but we want desperately to be there at H2Oi in Ocean City, MD where the strip is alive with some serious showstoppers. Luckily, our brother-in-arms part timer, Chris Drinkuth of Primo-Lifestyle is there taking a few snaps. Here’s one that we particularly like- A super slammed Vintage Red Mazda RX-7 on some blingtastic rebarreled BBS RS’s.

Cruisin down the street in my six fo, or eff dee, whatever.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

NEWS FLASH! Ferrari Enzo out on the loose!

What happens when you release a $700,000 garage queen out from a barn?

well, It does what it does best,

it wrecks shops…

WARNING: If you are the type of driver who washes your car once a week using 3 different buckets, hates and avoids puddles, hates swirl marks from dirty rugs, regularly checks the weather channel app for future precipitation, takes your shoes off while vacuuming the inside of your car, buys squash air fresheners not only for your car but for your house as well, who washes the back side of the wheel, and lastly, who applies wax with your bear hands because your body warmth activates or softens the carnauba wax. this video may not be appropriate and  may cause some sudden cringe, twitching of the cheek, or pulling of facial hair. viewer digression is  highly advised.


This is H20i.

As the Texas guys are just now starting to roll into Wek’Fest TX in Austin this morning, I had just come back from an interesting day in Ocean City, MD, home of H2Oi, the nation’s largest VW/Audi meet. I’m just gonna post up a few photos to tide you guys over (story of my life, I know).

This guy seemed genuinely surprised I was taking his picture while standing in the middle of the street.

You're gonna see a lot of Japanese cars from my upcoming coverage btw.

Super clean and very sexy

This guy. Danny Rodman decides to light up his 2JZGTE powered Cressy on the street

Purple skies courtesy of The Chronicles...

Living life to the fullest!

More to come.
To my Texas friends: Have a great time at Wek’Fest TX!


Nostalgic Wednesdays: MBenz 500SE Coupe AMG Widebody.

Don’t you just love random sightings; its like finding a dollar in a parking lot.  Sometimes you come a cross an old school car and admire its well kept paint, crisp interior, how it sounds, the old leather smell, and specially meeting the owner and the story behind the car. That’s one reason why I love classics. The passion and time spent to maintain them is priceless.

Last Friday, my wife and I decided to stop by Freebirds around the SW side of Houston, since she has not been to one. After dinner, we walked to my car and i noticed an old big-body Mercedes coupe parked at the other end of the lot. I decided to drive by it and check it out; and to my surprise, it wasn’t just an ordinary 500SE Coupe, it was an AMG Wide-body (I WAS STOKED). Paint was I believed to be original, body was straight, staggered AMG Penta wheels, it even had the OG color-matched emblems. I wanted to wait for the owner but we had to catch a movie, so I just had to quick snap with my phone so pardon my raw unedited photo.

I shared the picture on my wall and a good friend commented that this is a type of car that the average person would not notice. I’ve seen more F430 Scuderias and CLK63 black series rolling around Houston but spotting a SEC500 AMG Widebody was definitely a treat.

From the AMG catalog but not a Wide-Body.
Wider option…of course i’d take it.