Event Coverage: Hot Import Nights Houston

I’m going to do what we’ve failed to do in awhile… and that is posting coverage within a week of the event. Hah. I’m only doing this because I took some time off from work to get my wisdom tooth removed.  I’m writing this while in pain. Thank god it wasn’t too tough making this post since we only had a handful of ok photos… you’ll see why…

I haven't been to a HIN show in years so I was expecting low light conditions... Chris Young's S/C'd RSX

Only a few handful of people/teams brought lighting gear for their display... Henry' Do's spectrum silver SSR's...

Shooting wide open with my lens and my 5dmk3 I still could barely get the right exposure... Dennis' RX8

David Yim's Accord on TE37's...

Team 5 Star in attendance...

Event Coverage: The 4th Annual All Team Bash

Four years ago one man had an idea. An idea that translated into the single largest car meet that Houston now sees on a yearly basis.
Kimo, head honcho for SunWorks, a local Houston area car club that now has spanned over the nation through different chapters, brainstormed an idea that would unite Houston area car clubs for one event. Instead of competing with each other to see who had the best rides, he envisioned that clubs would get together and get to know one another, and instead compete for who had the best barbecue. The meet was christened, “All Team Bash”.

Holy Jeebus

G's up, Ho's down

Dem Asses

You KNOW they're hot.