Lights, Camera, Action… Hot Import Nights 2013

Candy pink, carbon fiber panels, decals, and neon lights... yup, I'm certainly at HIN.

Before I start with the HIN coverage, allow me to kindly introduce myself… Yes, I am the ‘new guy’, Paul.

Since around 2009, I have been following the Mayday Garage blog for some cool car photos and event coverage. I would like to say that the Mayday guys were one of the reasons why I started to take photos of cars. Of course, there was the innate love for anything automotive, too. What they were doing with their cameras and cars was something that I also wanted to do. I wanted it so bad, that a friend and I were supposed to start something similar. Good thing that plan never materialized, or else I wouldn’t even be here, sharing with you guys.

It is an honor for me to be a part of Mayday Garage. From what I have gathered, nobody even knew, other than Danh, that I was going to be a new member of the team… which leads me to question the authenticity of the “membership.” Kidding aside, they are cool dudes. I have met Mayday Mikey and JohnP over at the Rice Box Truck for Ricer Wednesday, and have yet to meet the rest of the crew.

This, definitely, sounds exciting. Let’s see where this leads. I’m sure it will be a fruitful teamwork.

Now, on to HIN.

Event Coverage: Hot Import Nights Houston

I’m going to do what we’ve failed to do in awhile… and that is posting coverage within a week of the event. Hah. I’m only doing this because I took some time off from work to get my wisdom tooth removed.  I’m writing this while in pain. Thank god it wasn’t too tough making this post since we only had a handful of ok photos… you’ll see why…

I haven't been to a HIN show in years so I was expecting low light conditions... Chris Young's S/C'd RSX

Only a few handful of people/teams brought lighting gear for their display... Henry' Do's spectrum silver SSR's...

Shooting wide open with my lens and my 5dmk3 I still could barely get the right exposure... Dennis' RX8

David Yim's Accord on TE37's...

Team 5 Star in attendance...

Random Snap: Nate Hamilton at HyperFest.

It’s been a while since I’ve shot drifting. Today I had the pleasure of checking out HyperFest in West Virginia, and as usual, I’ll be providing a bit of coverage. I know I’m extremely backed up when it comes to providing coverage, but I swear I’m going to knock these out this week! Don’t hate me!

Nate Hamilton doing what Nate Hamilton does.