Four years ago one man had an idea. An idea that translated into the single largest car meet that Houston now sees on a yearly basis.
Kimo, head honcho for SunWorks, a local Houston area car club that now has spanned over the nation through different chapters, brainstormed an idea that would unite Houston area car clubs for one event. Instead of competing with each other to see who had the best rides, he envisioned that clubs would get together and get to know one another, and instead compete for who had the best barbecue. The meet was christened, “All Team Bash”.

Holy Jeebus

G's up, Ho's down

Dem Asses

You KNOW they're hot.

For the last three years, Kimo and his SunWorks brethren have hosted this mega-meet at the same location, on the west side of Houston at Bear Creek Park. It is at this venue where cars would park and stretch over damn near a mile or so door-to-door with other teams. It’s quite a spectacle, especially if you’ve never seen over 600 cars parked in a row all competing for your attention. Make no mistake, this isn’t a car show, but it’s easy to see how that could be mistaken, with everyone planning to make small debuts for brand new parts at this meet, many look forward to strutting their stuff.


Some people even made a super special appearance.


Besides the venue and the barbecue, there is always one other constant, and that’s the heat. Everyone is familiar with how hot a hot summer’s day is. But unless you’re used to living in Houston, the summer heat that stings every All Team Bash is quite uncomfortable. Bear Creek Park (at least where the cars are) rarely receives any wind or breeze coming through, which just makes things hotter. Fortunately, there are a ton of trees around, which to seek refuge from the sun’s burning touch, but unfortunately, if you want to look at the cars, that means you have to make that trek down the super scorching pavement. Tools necessary are umbrellas, hats, light clothes and plenty of sun block.

An Accord on real 19" TE37's? We approve.

That's right. Kimo's Mustang Chassis Integra. You read right.

As a photographer, this simple feat of avoiding the sun is next to impossible. Every year I come to this meet, I’m never disappointed in the turnout, rather, the heat itself makes me think twice about taking any photos. It’s been something I’ve had to deal with each year. Last year, I took about 10 photos total before I called it quits. Lugging around a three pound black metal camera and constantly wiping sweat away from your eyes takes a toll on you, and our other photographers, Mikey and Khiem felt mother nature kick them in the ass as well, both didn’t get a chance to shoot as many photos as we had hoped, but our fearless leader John kept on trucking to bring you more photos of this event.

Cressy power!

Backyard BBQ

We've seen this combo before, and we love it

The camaraderie seen at this 4th event is also worth noting. Although teams generally stayed in their groups under a much cooler tent or tree, many teams were seen moving from one team’s tent to another. Mixing and mingling were the intended purposes of Kimo’s vision of the All Team Bash, so I’m sure this was encouraged. Also, there was a strong presence of Honda Ruckus’ as this seemed to be the transportation of choice throughout the meet. I suppose if a meet is over a mile long, this would be ideal for anyone, really.

Veilside rims on a Maxima?? WTF? Love it.

So as the teams started to disperse and go their separate ways, I often wondered why this meet doesn’t happen at a different time of year when it’s not so dangerously hot outside. Maybe it’s because everyone is off during the summer, maybe it’s to test who exactly is a hardcore enthusiast, or maybe it’s because that’s how we do it here in Texas.

Teams representing:
713 car and truck club
Team Jenzo
Team Midnight
Project M
Strictly G’s
Team Slip Stream
Team JMR
Team Scion Eyed
Team Sunrise
Team OverDosed
Dws Parts
Planet Zero
Import Reactor
Accord Club Houston
Team Opulence
Team Tonik
RaceLab Fabrication
Rogue Alliance
Team K-otik
Backyard Customs
Team Nextstage
Suicide Clique
Team Eminence
Team Kazoku


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